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10 Breakthrough Startups Currently Disrupting the iPhone App Development Space

— January 31, 2020

Your app development project is your step towards making your business enter and dominate the digital space.

It has been estimated that iPhone app stores and in-app advertising will generate around $188.9 billion in terms of revenue by the year 2020. This makes the iPhone app development industry incredibly lucrative, but more importantly, ripe for innovation. 

Firms who want to get their iOS apps developed are now looking for only those iPhone application development companies that understand the latest methodologies and leverage high tech tools to build iPhone apps that are primed to work.

And while there are thousands of firms that offer development services for apps, there are just a select few that fit into this strict criteria. These firms are disrupting the iPhone app development space right now and you definitely need to know more about them. 

So here is the list for ten breakthrough startups currently disrupting the iPhone app development space:


With over 300+ staff, WillowTree is an app development company based in United States. The company specializes in deploying cutting-edge app development strategies for cross-platform development, iOS and Android native development research, and optimizing iOS based security and control systems etc.

In more than a decade of operational experience, WillowTree has worked with a large number of Fortune 500 companies, including Regal Cinemas, PepsiCo, AOL and Virginia University, developing cutting edge apps for them.

Due to its focus on the development and maintenance of thriving approaches for better program execution, it is bound to change the future of the iPhone app development industry. 


Cleveroad is situated in Ukraine, is recognized for offering the top-notch services for iOS and web development. It has expanded its work since 2014 to a more global standpoint, with offices in U.S., Canada, and Poland.

Cleveroad services primarily include app development and design services, international security protocol compliance, wearable technology, QA & testing, cloud implementation and eCommerce apps.

Its wide ranging expertise could be beneficial for those firms looking to empower their apps with upcoming technologies to leverage better performance.


Arctouch is a tech company based in California, with more than 50 in-house employees and ten years of industry experience.

Arctouch has also created smart bots for giant platforms like Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa. Their focus is now on software development, application development for small and medium-sized companies to help them improve their solutions through deploying iPhone applications, AR/VR solutions, and IoT devices.

Turned-on charcoal Google Home Mini and smartphone; image by Bence Boros, via
Turned-on charcoal Google Home Mini and smartphone; image by Bence Boros, via

Their technology expertise include mobile apps on Xamarin and enterprise standard Mixed-Reality solutions.


With over 15 years of app development experience in New York, Fingent allows its team to harness the app development experience for app development and smartphone projects.

Fingent has also been known for delivering high-quality native and Hybrid app development.

The recent focus of this company has been to venture towards IoT, VR/AR, and development software products, to revolutionize the app development industry.


Volare Systems is a Colorado-based mobile, web app, and custom designer of apps. They have a group of mobile application development experts who create web and mobile apps of high quality that work quickly and look great on every smartphone.

Volare delivers app and software solutions that define industry standards for its customers throughout the United States since it was established in 2009. Volare is bound to skyrocket in the next decade due to its exceptionally good customer feedback.


Zealous System is an expert mobile application development company for various platforms such as iOS, Android and all the latest technologies including Kotlin, Swift, Java, Xamarin, Ionic, React Native.

Zealous System has many years of experience working in the development of mobile apps and is recognized as one of GoodFirms ‘ Top IT Companies in 2019, establishing itself as one of the best development companies in the world.

With such a diverse-spread clientele, they have customers such as Civica, Neil Patel Digital, and Audi.


Zymr, based in California US, is a mobile app development company with two locations both in India and Finland, Europe. Zymr provides business connectivity and applications the latest app-based and cloud solutions.

For over five years on the market, Zymr Inc. has run and successfully managed over 70 app development ventures and has been able to work with other corporate giants such as Vodafone and Cisco.


Clavax Technologies  is among the finest IT contracting companies to provide its customers and corporations with cutting-edge technology services. It was founded in was founded in 2011.

They utilize top-notch IT-based technology and have experience in different business fields. They have served nearly 200 customers and have successfully completed more than 500 projects, in their history.

This enterprise is a perfect solution for designing any IT solutions such as desktop, Internet or iPhone applications for many businesses and customers. 


Founded in 2007, this company has gone a long way by representing a wide range of brands, including Nestle, and London Stock Exchange. IntellectSoft is officially based in Palo Alto, USA, one of the hottest technological hubs of the world.

IntellectSoft’s small team of over 200 staff has experience in different areas of software development such as complete native and hybrid mobile app development, enterprise solutions, Blockchain technologies, augmented reality (AR) development, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of the Things (IoT). 


Keenethics is an app development company based in Ukraine with comprehensive iPhone and desktop software development experience and expertise.

In just four years, the company has completed hundreds of mobile app development initiatives.

One attribute of Keenethics is its adherence to high standards of ethical working and the confidentiality of its customers which is bound to make it the next big giant in the app development industry.

Last but not least: A little advice for you!

Your app development project is your step towards making your business enter and dominate the digital space so it’s imperative that you only task a firm with such a project that has the relevant expertise to pull of an app that’s relevant and workable according to modern standards.

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