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13 Civilian Cadets Enrolled at Aurora’s Police Academy in Hopes to Spark Change

— May 24, 2022

The 13 cadets enrolled at the Aurora Police Academy signify the first class who decided to join the police force after George Floyd’s murder. 

After one year of protesting police misconduct across the country, 13 civilians have decided that protesting is not enough. They have decided to join the Aurora police academy at a local community college to change police culture from the inside. Out of the 13 cadets, one of them owns a sprinkler business, another is a security guard, and another works at his family’s construction business. Additionally, most of the cadets are in their 20’s with existing full-time jobs who simply want to help their communities and have better interaction with law enforcement. 

In 2020, the State of Colorado reported a shortage of full-time sworn officers and 69 percent say that applications were down from 2019. Agencies across the State of Colorado are desperate for new officers to join their ranks.

The 13 cadets enrolled at the Aurora Police Academy signify the first class who decided to join the police force after George Floyd’s murder. 

How the cadets can make a difference in police misconduct

Upon completion of the program, the cadets will embark on a new career with the advice of holding each other accountable. Unfortunately, many police officers still find ways to act unprofessionally to many civilians that they swear to protect and serve. Those cadets or any civilians who find themselves witnessing police misconduct from their peers should do the following:

Officer's hat; image by RD Smith, via
Officer’s hat; image by RD Smith, via
  • Remain calm and try to de-escalate the situation. 
  • Document the incident with your smartphone
  • Report the officer and their badge number
  • File a complaint to your supervisor
  • Contact a Police Misconduct Attorney.

Cadets should have the right to hold their colleagues accountable. Police misconduct can occur in many ways, shapes, and sizes. It can occur at almost any police interaction for many reasons not including the civilian’s fault. Police officers are often distressed, anxious, irritable, and angry.  

The nature of the job leaves them to take their anger out on innocent people who are just trying to live their lives. Anyone who has been a victim or witness to misconduct at the hands of an office should seek medical care immediately along with obtaining evidence that will help your case.

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