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15 Surprisingly Hackable Things in Your Life

— January 22, 2020

Before, the only thing we had to do to protect ourselves from a possible invasion of privacy was just to install some antivirus software. Now, though, due to the Internet of Things (the interconnectedness of everything connected to the Internet), everything is hackable.

To show what exactly is vulnerable, BigRentz compiled a list of some of the most surprising things that can be hacked.

In the Office:

  • HVAC and electricity systems
  • Security cameras and other systems
  • Wireless printers

On a construction site:

  • Cranes and other machinery
  • Wearable technology
  • Warehouse and supply inventory

In your home:

  • Baby monitor
  • Smart devices
  • Coffeemakers

Check out the infographic below, to see exactly how these hackable items can be used against you, so you can be aware and set up ways to protect yourself.

hackable things at work infographic

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