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16 Positive Things to Post on Social Media

— January 21, 2021

You can either keep your account inactive or all gloomy without posting on it for days, or you can work hard, stay consistent with your goals, and achieve what you have aimed for. 

We can understand your struggle. Being a marketer, it can get challenging to choose between what to post and what not to post on social media. There are days when you may get a deadline, and it gets tough to meet it. It is alright, nothing to worry about it!

Relax and take a deep breath and ensure yourself: you can do it! 💪

We all need the motivation to do something or achieve our goals. And if you are also here not only to read a blog on ‘Positive things to post on social media,’ but to get motivated and reach the sky, you are more than welcome!

We are listing below some of the beneficial points for you regarding each social media platform. By having a command of these particular aspects, you are in a win-win situation! But before we jump on these essential hacks, it is important to remember how social media networks work and which one we should use. Let’s have a quick go through!

Facebook – It sends website referral traffic and revolves around both news and entertainment. It is slowly shifting towards video content.

Instagram – A network rich in images and videos. Best for brands high in visuals. Not favorable to drive traffic.

Twitter – More like an authentic news platform. Suitable for brands sharing website content or retweeting blog posts. 

LinkedIn – It is a professional network that allows a user to share professional content. Best for targeting your potential customers.

Pinterest – All about pictures. Blogs can be promoted through it, but readers often visit it to find inspiration for projects.

Let us get back to the list of positivities you need to know to post on social media for a massive engagement. Ready, aim, and FIRE! 🎯

What can you post on Social Media?

Do you know there are almost 4.8 billion social media users worldwide? And these stats are increasing day by day. You do not need to worry about which best content you can post on social media. As you already have enough content, do not rush! 

First, sit back and have a go-through of which content can get you a good engagement.

We are listing below a few ideas that can raise the positivity level to one hundred percent for your blog or social media account. It can lead you to another chapter of your marketing filled with sunny mornings, and no gloomy sunsets!

  1. Post Your Blog

If your business has a blog, then share it from your website on your social media platforms. Even if you aren’t sharing from your website, then upload it directly.

Go ahead, happy posting!

  1. Tell Them Your Story

You can have cultural posts representing what your brand or business is all about. You can convey your message to your audience that ‘why have you started this brand?’ Also ‘what do you want to achieve through it?’

You can also disclose some of your aims or goals with your audience so that your audience may develop a connection with your brand. And a strong bond can be formed between the audience and business owners.

  1. Ask Questions

Ask short questions from your audience. It is not always necessary to post blogs or brand your products. First, develop a connection with your audience, generate higher reach, and bring more engagements to your account.

Interact with your audience or viewers as much as you can.

  1. Short Videos

We have always read the best tip to increase your reach is to upload eye-catching and attention-grabbing pictures on your accounts. But do you know uploading video on your accounts can get exciting engagement, bringing in a higher reach to your accounts and blog post? Yes, you read it right! Videos can stop scrollers and have the ability to gain more viewers. It helps in increasing organic reach crazily by grabbing the audience.

  1. Curated Content

Share curated content on your platforms as well!

It is a type of content generated not by you but by other organizations or brands. If you agree with it or consider it relevant to your brand or essential for your audience, you can share it—no need to research the same topic again and come up with new content. 

Although it may seem unusual to your readers, why waste time on something previously done?

  1. Customer Reviews

Our most favorite tip! Giving happy vibes and spreading positivity on social media.

Every brand has some fan following available to appreciate the brand and be always present through brands’ ups and downs.

Ask your customers to drop a review on your timeline or on a page in the Review section and not forget to rate you, your business, your customer services, etc. These positive reviews can help you in attracting more customers.

  1. Pro-Tips

You can give suggestions or professional tips to your customers.

Instead of writing a whole blog or sharing it on your platforms, what you can do is highlight a pro-tip and attach your blog link to gain your followers. Tada! Simple, easy, and minimal, yet seizing a lot of eyeballs.

  1. Fun and Memes

Start using Memes and GIFs to have some fun and bring back the good old days! 

Jokes apart, well, you can use memes to bring up your humorous side to your audience. The more fun post, the better the reach and engagement! 

Always remember, “Memes, GIFs, and everything nice to make your content boom your engagement scale!”

Oreo is one of the leading brands to give some crazy laughs to its customers. It has the best marketing strategy and stays up to date. Never misses a single funny event to quote as a meme or in any other way!

  1. Contests

The best thing to post on social media is giveaways and lots of contests!

Be generous, give, give, and keep on giving.

Just look at this giveaway contest by Mr. Toy! They know how to make their customers happy. 😊

You too can encourage people to participate in the contests. It will help you bring traffic to your account and target your potential customers. Be sure and focus on what you want from your followers and participants! You can ask them to participate in your active contest by tagging their friends and asking them to follow or like your brand as well. 

Bonus points if you ask the participants to engage on your 5 previous posts or blogs and drop a comment on your recently uploaded blog post till the giveaway or contest ends!

  1. Celebrating Holidays

Time for some celebrations! 🥂

It does not matter who you are or where you live, the point you must focus on is how you can celebrate all the festivals of the year and give amazing deals to your customers!

Diwali sand art; image by Jason Coudriet, via
Diwali sand art; image by Jason Coudriet, via

Whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, Eid, or Diwali – all you have to do is show your holiday spirit! These holiday celebrations and some exciting deals will make your customers super positive!

  1. Pictures from Events

Do not forget to upload pictures from your company’s events! Show the bright, happy faces to the public, give glimpses of Behind the Scenes to your audience or viewers to develop a better connection with them, definitely!

  1. Talk About Vacancies

Hmm, so in a mood to expand your business or brand? Well then, post it on your social media accounts! Give chances to your audience as well; they know you better as they have seen you growing!

  1. Live Videos

Live Videos work miracles for your account or page. You can set days to come live and make amazing videos, post on your social media accounts, and attract a lot of viewers from it. A recent report shows that social media users tend to click on more videos than simple content or pictures.

  1. On this Day in History

You can repost pictures, blogs, and even videos too to show what happened on this day! You can also highlight whatever you like to later check it out after a month or a year. Your customers would love to know your progress and how much hard work you have put into your brand, presenting a positive side to your customers!

  1. Inspirational Quotes

Use quotes!

Quote your favorite leader or team member of your company. Bring something motivational and inspirational to your table! Your readers can be inspired by these quotes and may want to learn more about your company or brand.

  1. Company’s Accomplishments

Share your accomplishments with your customers and audience. They want to learn more about you. Show them your progress and how much you have achieved.

Those who support you want to know your goals and whether you have finally accomplished them or not! Your achievements bring your customers closer to you. You may receive a lot of encouragement from your audience as well. 

Positivity in a Jar!

It is all up to you how good you are at managing your social media.

You can either keep your account inactive or all gloomy without posting on it for days, or you can work hard, stay consistent with your goals, and achieve what you have aimed for. 

Being a marketer or business owner, sometimes it really gets hard to decide what to post or schedule to keep working on for your goals. But we will ask you to take little steps towards your goals and follow these extraordinary but ‘worth your time’ things or hacks to make your social media accounts shine and glitter!

Do let us know which tip brought the most positivity to your account! Good Luck. 😍

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