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Yaz Lawyer Blog Has Been Updated and Redesigned

— October 15, 2012

My Yaz lawyer blog,, had gotten a little long in the tooth.  So I updated it and added some fresh content for October 2012 regarding Yaz lawsuits and Yaz settlements.  Here’s a taste:

As of October of 2012, Bayer has settled close to 2,000 Yaz lawsuits for close to $500 million dollars. Bayer has set aside hundreds of millions more to settle the roughly 12,000 Yaz lawsuits currently pending.

. . . .

The average Yaz settlement has been about $212,000 to date. Some women receive more, and some women receive less, but that depends upon the extent of the injuries suffered. We are happy to discuss the settlement range with you if you think you may qualify for a Yaz settlement.

Check out the site if you’d like to know more about Yaz lawsuits and settlements.

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