Yaz Lawyer Blog Has Been Updated and Redesigned

My Yaz lawyer blog, www.findtherightyazlawyer.com, had gotten a little long in the tooth.  So I updated it and added some fresh content for October 2012 regarding Yaz lawsuits and Yaz settlements.  Here’s a taste: As of October of 2012, Bayer has settled close to 2,000 Yaz lawsuits for close to $500 million dollars. Bayer has

Bayer Targets Sexually Active Girls For Popular Birth Control Pill Yaz

That’s the headline that I thought of after reading the oh-so-biased headline in the article below about lawsuits over the Yaz birth control pill.

A Newark, Calif., woman and her husband sued drugmaker Bayer in federal court in San Francisco on Monday, saying she suffered a debilitating stroke after taking the company’s popular birth control pill Yaz for a month.

Her lawyer, Michael Danko, says he and co-counsel firm Girard Gibbs filed a similar suit last week and are preparing to file more. Hundreds of such suits filed around the country by Danko and other lawyers in the past month or so are just "the tip of the iceberg," triggered by the publication of two recent studies published in the BMJ, a British medical journal, added Danko, of The Danko Law Firm in San Mateo, Calif.

Source: Law.com – Plaintiffs Lawyers Target Bayer Over Popular Birth Control Pill

Why not say “Plaintiffs lawyers help girls injured by popular birth control pill,” or “Bayer’s popular birth control pill the subject of lawsuits,” or something else besides “evil plaintiffs lawyers TARGET big, helpful corporation.”

By the way, if you’d like to see additional copies of Yaz lawsuits, follow the prior link to my other site where I’m publishing Yaz documents.