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Some maryland surgical centers receive little oversight

— February 1, 2013

Apparently, it’s not whether something walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s whether it bills insurance companies like a duck:

There is tremendous oversight in the operating rooms in hospitals.  But in Maryland, some other locations where surgery is done simply don’t.  Maryland’s Health Secretary, Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, acknowledges some clinics where cosmetic surgery procedures are done don’t get licensed or inspected.       

In Maryland, he says medspas and plastic surgery clinics that don’t bill insurance as “ambulatory surgery centers” aren’t overseen like hospitals, even though they may do some of the same procedures.

It’s a legal loophole some consider a fatal flaw in the state’s health system.  And the family of a woman who died following a procedure at a Baltimore County medspa is attempting to shed light on the issue.  Denise Witherspoon and her family spoke exclusively with ABC2 about the death of their sister, Eula.

Source: Family of medspa patient talks for first time to expose medical loophole in Maryland

Lack of proper governmental oversight plagues many industries.  The civil justice system is a great cure for that.

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