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Medical Malpractice

forbes story on medical malpractice buries the lede

— February 6, 2013

“Bury the lede” or “bury the lead” – it means the same thing: To put the crucial information at the end of a story.  And that’s just what Forbes did with a recent story on medical malpractice.

The article checks all the right boxes that an article written by an M.D. about medical malpractice should: Defensive medicine, fear and uncertainty, unpredictability, etc.  The author unsurprisingly concludes that we need some sort of legal reform to “fix” the system.  But here is the buried lede:

While less than 5 percent of all medical errors lead to a malpractice claim, lengthy claims prolong the legal process, and in some cases, delay what may be just and fair compensation.

Source: Medical Malpractice: Broken Beyond Repair? – Forbes

So only 5 out 100 medical errors result in a malpractice lawsuit?  Sounds like the real medical malpractice crisis is that it’s rampant and unchecked.

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