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3 Commonly Asked Questions About Personal Injury Lawsuits in San Diego

— August 5, 2022

Injury cases are all about proving negligence by the defendant.

San Diego, CAPersonal injury lawsuits are the best way for people to get payment for their injuries and associated medical costs. There are a few important questions and answers that can help give those who are about to meet with a lawyer a better idea of how this process works. 

What does it cost to retain a personal injury attorney?

Many people have concerns about being able to afford legal services. Due to these kinds of issues and the expense of paying for a lawyer up front, almost all personal injury firms work on a contingency fee basis. In practice, this means that a person does not have to pay for their lawyers’ fees up front. They only need to pay for the firm’s services out of any verdict or judgment won on their behalf. It also places all of the risk on the firm rather than the client, as the person does not owe the firm anything if there is no award of damages under a contingent fee arrangement. 

How exactly does a personal injury lawsuit work?

Injury cases are all about proving negligence by the defendant. This basically means that the person or business did not exercise reasonable care, which caused the victim to get hurt. Evidence of negligence can include things like improper maintenance or cleaning, allowing dangerous conditions to persist even when a hazard is known, or traffic violations and reckless behaviors in cases involving motor vehicle accidents. Once these elements of negligence are proven, the victim can ask for compensation that is necessary to cover the costs of their injuries. 

What does the lawyer need?

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During an initial meeting, the lawyer and the potential client will discuss what happened and other issues that are important to the outcome of the case. As far as evidence is concerned, it is best for the victim to document everything related to the accident that caused the injuries, any relevant medical records from the time of the incident onwards, pay stubs that can prove lost wages, and any reports from law enforcement or fire departments. Once the lawsuit is filed and the case is started, witnesses may be called for depositions so the attorney can get a better idea of what happened from the perspective of each person who was involved. 

Injury attorneys in California

Jeffrey Estes Injury Lawyers is a personal injury firm that can help local clients in the San Diego area. People who have recently been injured have the right to meet with their attorneys and discuss the possibility of a civil lawsuit. is a service that works with people who are trying to find lawyers in their location. Anyone who needs assistance with their search can call 800-672-3103 to speak with a representative.

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