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3 Proven Tricks to Instantly Get Legal Clients

— May 11, 2020

Stop struggling to find clients. Build more connections, increase your law firm’s community presence, and you will have more clients banging on your door for your help.

Getting good leads for clients for your law firm can be tough. 

Of course, you can invest in a nice website, Google advertisements, search engine optimization, and various other typical legal marketing services; however, those costs can easily add up. Those marketing strategies may not be in your budget, especially if you are a newer law firm. 

So how do you get clients and instantly boost your legal clientele without costing you an arm and a leg? 

Listen up, because I’ll show you. 

My underused methods have been shown to create a stream of steady clients on near autopilot for a number of lawyers and for relatively cheap.

Here are three proven tricks to instantly boost your legal clientele.

Give Away a Sweet Treat to Stay Top of Mind

You might be thinking…what? How will this help me land more clients? 

Let me explain.

Every person who steps into your law office, give them a free treat or candy. People who come for consultations, old clients, janitors…whoever. 

Everyone who steps in your law office gets your treat.

Just an over the top carrot cake muffin; image by Melissa Walker Horn, via
Just an over the top carrot cake muffin; image by Melissa Walker Horn, via

After all, you never know who may need your law firm’s services in the future. It could be a person’s family member, a friend, or coworker…if they remember your specific treat, the person will remember your office.

Which brings me to my next point. You can’t just give away any treat either, you have to find one that is unique and only available through your law firm. It cannot be an ordinary treat you can go buy at the store. Search hard for a snack that is unusual and rare.

Again, it makes your law firm more memorable, keeps your law firm top of mind and everyone who steps into your office will remember your law office. 

Scientists have investigated why the taste of the food you love or hate can trigger such strong memories. Studies show a direct link between taste memory and encoding the time and place we experienced that memory. 

So again, your treat will stimulate their senses and they will connect that unique taste to your law firm. Anytime they may need your law firm’s services, they will remember those great snacks they had at your office. 

Do Community Events to Become “The Guy”

If you want more clients, you have to interact with the local community. 

You can successfully get clients by giving free speeches, presentations, gifts, and tips to the community. 

Let’s say you are a DUI attorney. You can give free seminars with college fraternities, sororities, and other school organizations about what they should do if they are pulled over for drunk driving. Because you are always in contact with the network of school clubs in the city you practice law in, they all remember you whenever they need your services.

I’d recommend giving away gifts to local college clubs to stay top of mind. For example, you can give eyedrops, breath mints, and DUI instructional business cards to college students in your local area. 

There are various other community events your law firm can sponsor or have a booth in. It is vital to participate and engage with community members because they could potentially use your services in the future or connect you to a client. 

Help the community out without asking for anything in return and you will be kindly rewarded with loyal clients. 

Use This Little Known Lead Generating Platform

This secret lead generating site for attorneys is actually quite well known.

The site is just not used by attorneys to acquire clients. 

The site is called, Craigslist. 

Time and time again, Craigslist has proven to be a time-efficient and cost-effective way to grow one’s law firm. Best of all, it is absolutely free to post.

Since there are not many companies that list in the “services” section on Craigslist, there is a lot less competition. It is a great advertising avenue.

Imagine if a person searched on craigslist to get a divorce and there was only one service? You better believe they will pick up the phone and call that business. My firm has landed some big clients by using this online stage.

Try it out for yourself. Post on there twice a day advertising your services for 30 days and see if you get any leads. If you are not so enthusiastic about writing ads or you want the ads to be well-written, you can have a sales copywriter write the ads for you.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you use Craigslist to advertise for clients.

Heres to Attracting More Clients 

There you are, my three proven tricks to getting clients for your law firm. We all know how hard and even expensive it can be to acquire clients. 

However, my tactics are not that costly in comparison to other traditional marketing methods.

Stop struggling to find clients. Build more connections, increase your law firm’s community presence, and you will have more clients banging on your door for your help. 

Go ahead and give it a try. See how it can grow your law firm. 

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