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3 Reasons Drunk Truck Drivers are a Serious Danger in Indianapolis

— May 13, 2022

Research has shown that intoxicated drivers are more likely to cause fatal or serious injuries if there is a collision.

Indianapolis, IN – Commercial drivers of large semi trucks and other similar vehicles need to be careful at all times while on the roads. This is because these types of vehicles tend to cause somewhere between hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars in total damage when they are involved in a collision. Unfortunately, the trucking industry also has documented problems of substance abuse among drivers, which means that people are operating very large and dangerous vehicles after consuming drugs or alcohol. The combination of these factors means that commercial vehicles regularly harm people in Indianapolis and other cities. Attorneys near me can help accident victims file civil lawsuits after a collision. 

Hazardous materials

Some trucks are allowed to transport materials such as chemicals, fuel, or those that contain radiation or dangerous biological matter. This requires special permission from the government and additional credentials for the driver. However, it is still possible that drivers can make mistakes in these situations and cause a disastrous environmental problem if they are involved in a crash where hazardous materials are released. 

The costs of an accident can be very expensive

Most companies that operate semi trucks or other fleets of large commercial vehicles need special high risk insurance. This is because the costs of damage and lawsuits can quickly become large, and any victims are entitled to compensation that reflects the severity of the crash.

Doctor performing surgery; image by Pixabay, via
Doctor performing surgery; image by Pixabay, via

Indianapolis accident lawyers are able to recover various types of compensation for victims of a drunk driver. There are economic damages that summarize the costs of medical treatment and recovery, the person’s lost income and wages due to time away from work, and property damage. There are also non-economic damages related to trauma, physical pain, and other quality of life problems that were created by the accident.

Fatalities are more likely

Research has shown that intoxicated drivers are more likely to cause fatal or serious injuries if there is a collision. However, due to the size differences between large commercial vehicles and standard cars, this possibility of disability or death becomes even more likely. There can be serious consequences in both civil and criminal court for a truck driver who kills another person while under the influence. 

If there are fatal injuries, Indianapolis DUI accident lawyers are able to bring a wrongful death case on the victim’s behalf against the driver and their employer. These kinds of cases allow the victim to recover damages for things like funeral expenses and future lost income based on the deceased person’s earning potential.

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