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3843 Euclid’s License Suspended Improperly?

— July 23, 2021

All staff within the production team are required to be ServSafe certified before they can begin employment of any kind.

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency has suspended 3843 Euclid Processing Facility’s license to process medical and recreational marijuana.

3843 Euclid can confirm that our processing facility license has been temporarily suspended by the Marijuana Regulatory Agency, causing the layoff of more than 100 valued employees. Unfortunately, the press release issued by the MRA announcing this action was misleading and disparaging in several respects, painting an inaccurate and unfair picture of our operations.

Allegations against Covert Cups state improper health and testing practices, and unsanitary standards within the facility. These statements are untrue and the processes currently in question are not directly correlated to the Covert Cups brand.

The facility at which Covert Cup products are processed houses additional products and brands. During the time in question, additional products were going through the Research and Development stage, which leads the company to believe no products present any health or safety concerns.

A chef within the company was flavor profiling a potential product at the time that was not connected to Covert Cups, meaning the spatula in question was never used for any chocolate products. The samples contained no THC and were not medicated, they were also never put into production. Additionally, all equipment, including but not limited to spatulas, used are sterilized before each use.

Bowl with pieces of chocolate bar; image by Charisse Kenion, via
Image by Charisse Kenion, via

The organization wants to ensure that the public is aware that the chocolate cups in question had passed all testing. The violation that occurred was due to the packaging not being compliant versus production errors. All recalled Covert Cup products were from that batch only, products produced before and after this batch are able to be sold in retail spaces.

Euclid Processing Facility has put health and safety protocols within the company for employees to follow. All team members are given access to optional scrubs, but to maintain a positive and comfortable work environment “street clothing” is allowed. To maintain a sanitary facility, staff is required to follow PPE guidelines by wearing masks, gloves, aprons and hair nets when inside the production facility. Masks are still required for both vaccinated and unvaccinated employees at this time, as well as lint rolling all attire before entering.

Along with optional employee scrubs, Euclid Processing Facility has secured additional properties offsite from the production facility. Team members are encouraged to use these facilities for breaks, lunches and restroom breaks. Employees are required to wash hands after any break and sanitize before entering the production facility. Within the production area, there are four additional sanitizing stations and PPE provided. All staff within the production team are required to be ServSafe certified before they can begin employment of any kind.

Euclid Processing Facility would like our provisioning center and retail partners to know that our team has reached out to MRA officials to address the products in question to provide information to show that we were in compliance with guidelines. And we hope to work cooperatively to correct these matters.

We want to assure you that all products developed under Euclid Processing Facility are developed, produced and manufactured to meet the highest quality standard for purity, potency and taste. We put the health and safety of our consumers at our highest priority.

We wish to assure our business partners and the public at large that our facility is unequivocally clean and safe, as are the lab-tested marijuana products we manufacture. We have always worked closely and collaboratively with the MRA, and despite this unexpected and, in our opinion, unnecessarily punitive, action, we will continue to work with the MRA toward what we hope is the prompt reopening of our facility.

Our Company’s core mission is to provide exceptional cannabis products to our valued partners and consumers. We would like to thank you for your past and future support as we continue improving both our brand and the Michigan licensed cannabis industry.

We truly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding on this issue and hope to have an update for the public as soon as possible.

Editor’s note: This announcement combines two press releases issued on the subject.

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