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4 Important Services Provided by Tax Attorneys in Los Angeles

— December 16, 2022

The federal tax code, state tax laws, and taxes collected at the local county or city level can be complex and confusing at times.

Los Angeles, CA – While it is common for many people to file taxes on their own, lawyers can handle various aspects of the taxation process. Depending on the individual or business situation, an attorney who focuses on this area of the law can be a great benefit and they can help avoid some serious problems. Here is an overview of a few of the things that legal professionals in the taxation field routinely do for their clients. 

Legal advice

The federal tax code, state tax laws, and taxes collected at the local county or city level can be complex and confusing at times. It is common for a person filing their taxes to owe money to all of these types of governments, and they need to be careful about doing so properly and legally. Los Angeles tax lawyers can be useful in terms of giving general advice during these times, as well as providing a person with more specific details about how they should handle their personal tax situation to avoid problems like late filing penalties. 

Representation when the government gets involved

The government can request an audit of the taxes of an individual or business. They can also conduct investigations to look for tax fraud, evasion, or other problems that can potentially result in criminal charges. A person who is being questioned by the government about anything related to their taxes should speak with California tax lawyers to determine how to best handle the situation.  


Handshake: image courtesy of geralt via Pixabay,
Handshake: image courtesy of geralt via Pixabay,

All attorneys need to be able to negotiate with opposing lawyers, judges, and various parties involved in any given case. In the area of taxation, it is common for lawyers to negotiate settlements with the government to pay off outstanding tax debts to the IRS or state governments. This can end up saving the person a lot of money depending on their total outstanding debt load and other factors. 

Overlap with probate and estate planning

When a person has died and there needs to be administrative proceedings related to their estate, the government gets involved and so do tax lawyers. There is some overlap between what tax lawyers and estate planning lawyers can do to assist their clients after the death of a relative. It is beneficial to have legal advice at this time to ensure that much of the estate and financial value stays with the family rather than going to the government through taxes and other means. 

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