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Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit After a Fatal Motorcycle Passenger Accident

— December 16, 2022

It is possible to sue the motorcyclist for the death of passengers.

As concerned family members, it’s easy to feel uneasy when we learn that our children or loved ones are riding as passengers on the back of motorcycles. This is obviously one of the most dangerous ways to travel – especially when the person operating the motorcycle is known for erratic and irresponsible behavior. Unfortunately, these concerns are often proven correct. Passenger fatalities occur on a relatively frequent basis in New York, and these events can cause untold grief for family members. But can you sue on behalf of your loved one?

An Example of a Negligent Motorcyclist Causing a Passenger Fatality

In November of 2022, it was reported that a New York man had been charged with manslaughter after allegedly causing the death of a 17-year-old passenger who was riding on the back of his motorcycle. The motorcyclist was also charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident, reckless driving, and many other violations. The individual lost control of his motorcycle, causing the passenger to fall and become injured. 

Instead of getting help for the teen, the motorcyclist attempted to flee the scene. Police later took him into custody, and he then attempted to escape the police department by breaking a window and jumping out. Meanwhile, the teen victim was transported to a nearby hospital where she succumbed to her wounds. This is a clear example of how a motorcyclist’s negligent behavior can lead to the death of innocent passengers. 

Suing the Motorcyclist for the Death of Passengers

It is possible to sue the motorcyclist for the death of passengers. Although New York is a no-fault state, motorcyclists are not covered under this insurance system. This means that you will need to file a lawsuit against the negligent party in order to receive compensation. Fortunately, insurance is still legally required for motorcyclists in New York. Because of these requirements, you may be eligible for up to $50,000 for a wrongful death.

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However, $50,000 is a paltry sum to cover family members for the death of a loved one. For this reason, filing a lawsuit with the help of accident lawyers is almost always the best option. You may have the opportunity to receive a much higher settlement amount if you explore additional legal strategies with the help of your lawyers. 

Where Can I Find a Qualified Motorcycle Accident Attorney in New York?

If you’ve been searching for New York motorcycle accident lawyers, there are many options available. These New York motorcycle accident lawyers can assess your unique situation during a consultation before guiding you towards a fair settlement. This settlement can’t bring back your loved one, but it can provide you with a sense of justice and closure. It can also help you pay for expenses like missed wages, funeral costs, medical bills, and much more. Book your consultation today with motorcycle accident lawyers to review your legal options. 



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