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4 Reasons a Mother Could Lose Custody of Her Child

— September 8, 2022

The court is very serious regarding substance abuse because it can hinder the mother’s ability to take care of her child.

One of the most common misconceptions regarding child custody is that the courts always favor mothers. But that’s far from reality. In fact, every year, the court awards custody to many fathers, so the number will likely rise as there are more efforts toward parental equality.

So, if you’re a mother and uncertain about what might interfere with your custody rights, this article is for you.

How Can a Mother Lose Custody?

Although you’ve done your job, gone to court, and agreed with your ex-spouse, you might still lose custody in certain situations. However, you should know the circumstances to gain custody rights as a mother.

When a parent loses custody of their child, they also lose physical or joint custody. If the battle becomes intense, you will need the assistance of professional lawyers. Additionally, visitations may be limited or supervised.

Main Reasons Mothers Lose Custody of a Child

Although the court can grant the mother full custody of her child, it can also remove her custodial rights if there’s any violation of the court order. Here are some straightforward reasons.

Child Abuse

There are many ways a parent can be abusive towards their children. Although emotional abuse can be challenging to prove, it can still be a massive reason for removing a mother’s custodial rights. Similarly, harassing the child will also lead to a loss of custody. 

Abuse is defined as any behavior or activity threatening a child’s well-being. So, if a mother has hurt her child, her ex-spouse can file a lawsuit against her. Depending on the state, they must request a court investigation for further examination. In that case, they’ll also need help from an attorney. For example, if you or someone you know is in this situation, you can get help from Detroit Custody Lawyers, who will guide you in this process.

Substance Abuse

The court is very serious regarding substance abuse because it can hinder the mother’s ability to take care of her child. Drug or alcohol abuse will also affect her child’s life, especially if there’s physical, psychological, or sexual abuse.

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However, in some instances, the judge can supervise or limit the mother’s visitations until they complete a rehabilitation program while ordering ongoing monitoring to protect the child.

Child Abduction 

Child abduction is nothing new in the world of parenting. It’s prevalent for noncustodial parents to take their child without permission. If you don’t follow court regulations, you’ll get a bad image and may lose custody.

Many couples have been in the same situation. So whether you as a mother or your ex-spouse have tried to do something similar, you can also seek help from an experienced family or divorce attorney, such as Detroit Divorce Lawyers, and they’ll take care of this.

Mental Health Issues

A parent’s mental health doesn’t limit or deny custody to a child. It’s not about whether a parent has a mental illness but whether it affects their ability to care for the child properly. As always, the child’s best interests are crucial when determining custody. However, if the parent doesn’t seek treatment or can’t control their behavior towards their child, the court may refuse custody to them. 

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