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4 Types of Safety Training Truckers Receive in Baton Rouge

— August 16, 2022

A commercial driver who needs to transport hazardous materials requires additional training and permissions from the government.

Baton Rouge, LA – Driver safety is extremely important for truckers in Louisiana and other states. They operate large vehicles for several hours every day, and a truck accident can cost large sums of money and result in the loss of life if the driver is not careful. Truckers who cause collisions can also be sued by accident attorneys, and the potential costs of a related lawsuit should give employers an incentive to ensure that their drivers are always safe.  

To get a commercial driver’s license

All truckers need to have their commercial driver’s license or CDL to operate a semi truck, tanker, or other similar vehicles legally. Part of the testing to obtain this kind of license includes a written test that goes over certain rules and regulations related to driver safety. The CDL road test is also taken on a vehicle similar to the one that they will use for work to ensure that they can handle the vehicle adequately. 

Employer training

Employers are encouraged to give drivers various kinds of training on a regular basis. Much of this training is related to the trucking regulations set by the federal government for interstate travel. The employer also has the discretion to inform truckers about known causes of accidents and ways to avoid them through defensive driving techniques and other actions. Even drivers who have significant experience should still receive some kind of training to refresh and reinforce proper safety techniques and ways to avoid trucking collisions. 

Distracted driving

Distracted driving has become a serious problem and a cause of many motor vehicle accidents. For this reason, distracted driving warrants its own separate training to inform commercial drivers that they should not be using their phone or engaging in other distractions while on the road. There can also be financial penalties such as traffic citations if a driver is caught distracted by the police. 

Hazardous materials

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A commercial driver who needs to transport hazardous materials requires additional training and permissions from the government. This is because things like chemicals, fuels, biological waste, and radioactive materials can all cause serious environmental damage and harm to people around if there is ever an incident where the materials are improperly released. 

Legal advice after a truck accident in Louisiana

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