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5 Benefits of Having a Contract Drafted

— April 20, 2022

To ensure that a written contract is sound, it needs to be reviewed by legal counsel, and a written contract is a lot easier to enforce than a verbal contract.

As far as contracts go, written agreements are more effective than oral contracts.

Things can go wrong in business relationships, and it’s much better to protect yourself by having all of the terms of the agreement clear and documented.

The contract serves as a written agreement that all parties involved have read and agreed to the terms, and it minimizes liability – so it’s best not to skip out on it.

What is a Written Contract?

A written contract functions as legal proof of what all parties agree to do. The contract lays out the responsibilities, duties, and commitments, and it plays a vital role in business transactions.

For the written contract to be legally binding, it must include the agreement and the consideration.

The agreement and consideration need to include the terms and conditions, performance, liability, payment obligations, breach of contract, and entire agreement clause (only what is written is agreed to), amongst other things.

The contract should be written so that it is clear and there can be no misunderstandings.

It is also recommended that you hire a contract lawyer to help with a drafted contract.

The Benefits

  • Offer protection and peace of mind
  • Provide proof of details
  • Confidentiality
  • Make disputes easier to navigate and prevent misunderstanding
  • Serve as official record and clarity

The written contract offers security and protection as it stipulates all of the terms agreed upon between the parties regarding payment, responsibilities, duties, and the overall business relationship.

If the agreed terms or conditions are breached (aka not followed), then both parties will be protected under the contract.

Proof of details is why a written contract is essential. The contract is proof of everything the other party, and you have mutually agreed upon.

The contract should be detailed, and everything should be clearly defined. Having clear and defined terms can help limit uncertainty when there is a dispute or a negotiation process.

The confidentiality agreement is an excellent benefit in business contracts. It includes non-disclosure provisions that protect sensitive information, and the parties involved are legally bound to keep transactions involved and any information private.

If someone violates this agreement, then they will be held liable.

Unfortunately, disputes are bound to happen. It is much easier to navigate a dispute if a written agreement states all of the terms of the relationship.

In some cases, it may be necessary to bring in a third-party independent arbitration to help resolve the matter. Commercial law solicitors can also assist, and they can help in the actual drafting of the contract too.

Written contracts are an official record stating exactly what the parties involved have agreed on, and people can then still review the agreements.

It is the ultimate understanding between the company, the clients, and all involved.

A contract can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Written Agreement Versus Oral Contracts

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To ensure that a written contract is sound, it needs to be reviewed by legal counsel, and a written contract is a lot easier to enforce than a verbal contract.

Another problem is that oral contracts have no objective or clear record of the agreement details, which can be highly problematic when it comes to disputes.

There is also generally no evidence of an oral contract.

It is clear that a contract is vital and works in favor of all parties. The benefits of having a contract drafted are endless and should not be overlooked.

It will make everyone’s lives much easier and allow for smoother and simpler processes (in most cases).

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