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5 Best Instagram Marketing Tactics for CBD Brands in 2020

— April 4, 2020

The photo-sharing app provides lots of benefits in promoting your CBD brands and create effective brand awareness in 2020.

Ever since the introduction of social media, a lot of businesses have been using social media platforms as marketing leverage to keep their business on top of the competition. According to a survey, there are already more than 3.8 billion social media users around the world and the number is still increasing. 

In the United States alone, 68% of social media users are composed of adults. Moreover, each social media user spends an average of more than two hours every day. This is exactly the reason why online marketers are making great efforts in implementing different social media marketing strategies and tactics to make their businesses a success.

While Facebook still reigns on top of all social media platforms, Instagram, on the other hand, continues to evolve and become one of the most significant platforms for internet marketing.

Why should you include Instagram your marketing strategy?

If you haven’t used Instagram in your online marketing tactics, then you are undeniably missing out on something big. Nowadays, visual contents such as photos and videos, are far more effective in catching people’s attention than traditional marketing using text. Instagram makes it easier to develop branding since the platform is a lot more effective when it comes to engagement compared to other social media channels. It is also easier to reach people who show interest in your niche just by using relevant hashtags. 

Furthermore, one of the best things that Instagram has to offer is that it can cater to almost any kind of business, including top CBD companies. If you want to use Instagram to promote your CBD brands, we have listed below five of the best Instagram marketing tactics this year, 2020.

#1 IGTV and Instagram Stories is the new Youtube

While Youtube is still the best video platform, the one minute preview on Instagram Newsfeed is more than enough to create and promote compelling content and persuade your viewers to click the “Keep Watching” link and watch the full video. 

Moreover, you don’t have to pay for a professional videographer or use expensive photo/video editing tools to create your videos for your IGTV and Instagram Stories. You can easily use the in-app video editing tools to show off your creativity to boost your CBD brand’s visibility.

Graphic of man holding sign with Instagram icon and followers; image by Mohamed Hassan, via, CC0.
Graphic of man holding sign with Instagram icon and followers; image by Mohamed Hassan, via, CC0.

If your content is compelling enough, there’s a “Following” tab that your viewers can easily access. This increases engagement and discoverability since people can easily subscribe to your channel and receive updates every time you post something new. 

#2 Instagram Shoppable Influencer Posts

The platform has launched a new feature called ‘Instagram Shoppable Influencer Posts.’ In the last year, Influencer marketing has helped a lot of businesses and brands to boost brand awareness and visibility. It helped them to create real engagement and increase real following without relying on any automated systems. Now thanks to this new Instagram feature, people have the option to ‘hit the checkout page’ without the need to leave the platform. 

While an excellent post might not need this kind of thing, this feature, however, will further enrich the shopping experience of your followers. It changes the Influencer’s approach to promoting brands and services. 

By using Instagram Shoppable Influencer posts, the Influencer’s post about your CBD products can add a shopping bag icon that lets the user navigate and shop without leaving the Instagram platform.

#3 Create your own branded hashtags

While taking advantage of popular hashtags within your niche is still a good thing, creating your own branded hashtags will also create a strong image. Branded hashtags will not only make your brand more discoverable, but it also lessens the competition since you are not using the hashtags that others have also used. Moreover, if one of your goals is to create a community that focuses mainly on your brand, then creating your own branded hashtags can help you to build one.

To do this type of marketing approach, you should start by creating a general branded hashtag and place it in your bio, so it is easily viewable to anyone who is visiting your profile. Don’t also forget to include your branded hashtags in every campaign and event you are going to launch and, more importantly, encourage your followers to include your branded hashtags in their user-generated content.

#4 Using TikTok in your Instagram Stories

Formerly known as, TikTok is a popular video-sharing app that is used by a lot of teenagers and some adults. The app now has incredibly more than 500 million active users. Using TikTok’s video editor for your Instagram Stories offers a chance of going viral, depending on your creativity. The app is loaded with cool, easy-to-use video editing features and effects, which makes it one of the most versatile video editing apps. If that wasn’t enough, there’s plenty of 3rd party automation tools to use, too.

By default, the TikTok app video editor allows you to record a 15-second clip, which makes it perfect for Instagram Stories. Imagine creating multiple slides of Instagram stories that perfectly flow together. That is a surefire mean of grabbing people’s attention and creating real engagements and more followings.

#5 Create an Instagram contest

While a lot of brands have done this, it is still highly effective at this time. Creating an Instagram contest is an excellent engagement tool that has the potential to generate three times more likes and more than 60 times more comments than your regular posts. One of the most popular types of the Instagram contest is the ‘Giveaway.’ After all, who wouldn’t want a free product? If the contest event is perfectly executed, it can significantly boost user engagement and increase brand awareness in just a certain period.

However, starting an Instagram contest is a lot easier said being done. It requires proper planning and strategy, not to mention the contest rules you are going to implement. Also, you might want to consider partnering with another brand to increase your reach further.


The photo-sharing app provides lots of benefits in promoting your CBD brands and create effective brand awareness in 2020. Moreover, your marketing team can easily create new ways to catch people’s attention and boost visibility by using those marketing tactics we have mentioned above and start building your Instagram presence.

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