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5 DIYs to Change and Prep Vape Coil

— November 12, 2021

You’ll rapidly grow used to changing coils in your vaping journey.

So, you’ve just received your new vaporizer and have been blissfully puffing away, producing huge clouds of vapor and generally enjoying life. However, you’ll soon discover that the vapor clouds are becoming unimpressive, there’s a strange gurgling sound during puffing, and your flavored e-juice is beginning to taste burnt. ​There’s an explanation for this: the coil wire needs replacement. Your electronic cigarette needs frequent maintenance, and among them is inspecting the internal components when a coil wears out or the wick burns. Thankfully, replacing a coil is easy and quick. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Vape Coil?

Most vape kits or electronic cigarettes with a refillable tank now feature removable atomizer heads. They are popularly known as coils and constitute wicking material and coil wire.  The wick absorbs the e-juice, while the coil wire warms the liquid up and converts it to vapor. The wicking material in most coils is either ceramic or cotton.

Should You Replace Your Coil Frequently?

Coils don’t last forever. Your vape pod or mod, like your cellphone, requires charging and updating for optimal performance. New Smoktech coils from mad vapes, for instance, have better taste, cloud output, and overall improved performance. A vape coil typically lasts between one week and a month, depending on how frequently you consume your favorite e-juices and your degree of nicotine usage. To avoid the problems stated below, replace your coil regularly.

Consequences if You Don’t Replace Your Coil

To begin with, you could experience a charred flavor once your coil wire reaches its tipping point. This is among the most common problems among vapers and often comes as a surprise to new vapers. The most probable causes for this are failing to prime your coil or overusing one coil through chain vaping.  Vaping at high wattage will consume your e-juice faster and result in burnt-out coils in minutes, so be cautious. This can occur to anyone; however, it’s better to avoid it. Therefore, replace your coil as soon as you notice any signs of it.

Fundamentally, you should handle your coils with attention and care if you want them to last. If any problems arise, such as e-juice at the center of the coil, you might experience a reaction that results in an unpleasant spitting or popping sound. For an overused coil, you might even hear gurgling. Thus, the same principle applies: replace your coil before it destroys your gadget. That is, without a doubt, the worst-case eventuality that users should avoid.

Indicators that it’s time to replace your vape coil

To ensure you are not using a defective coil to vape or replacing a perfectly good one, look out for the following indicators that your coil has reached its end life;

  • A burnt taste
  • Off-putting liquid flavor
  • Low vapor output
  • Gurgling sound

Five simple DIY steps to replace your coil

Image by Vaporesso, via
Image by Vaporesso, via
  1. Dismantle Your Vape

To replace your coil, you’ll have to dismantle your vaporizer completely. Please don’t panic; it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Check your manual for specific instructions depending on what vape you have. However, typically all you need to do is detach the tank from the device’s bottom. It’s advisable to wrap your gadget in a clean cloth to avoid getting e-liquid on your hands. Next, invert your tank and turn counterclockwise to detach it.

  1. Empty the Tank

It is advisable to swap your coil while your gadget has little to no e-liquid left. Therefore, don’t fail to empty your tank. You can pour the liquid into a garbage bin. If you’d rather be extra cautious, pour it inside a tiny bag of something highly absorbent, such as cat litter, and then toss it away.

  1. Pre-soak Your Wicking Material

It’s not advisable to place a new coil directly into your gadget because the dry wick will burn. Rather, pre-soak your fresh wick with 5-10 drops of e-juice, depending on your coil’s size. Use the e-liquid you intend to replenish your tank with to avoid mixing tastes.

  1. Change the Coils

Your coil will effortlessly detach from your gadget’s base. You can now swap it out with the new, pre-soaked coil. Continue using a clean cloth to maintain clean hands.

  1. Change and Replenish your Tank

With your new coil now in place, you can rebuild your vaporizer by reattaching the tank. After that, add your vape cartridges for CBD E-juice to the tank. Now that you’ve got a new coil and some new e-liquid, feel free to vape away.

How to Prime a Coil

The first step in priming a coil is to place the replacement coil in the vaporizer tank’s base. When the coil is in position, drip a few drops of e-juice onto the wicking material through the top aperture of the coil. Afterward, add a drop or two of e-liquid to the liquid openings on the coil’s side. Now, put the tank together and refill it with vape liquid. After refilling, give it some minutes before you begin vaping.


You’ll rapidly grow used to changing coils in your vaping journey. Don’t put off ordering additional coils until you start experiencing an off-putting vape taste. Stock up in advance to avoid getting caught unprepared. Parts of your vaping equipment will need replacement periodically. Often parts degrade, while other times, you may want to upgrade.

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