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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Filing a Car Insurance Claim

— December 7, 2023

Know all the exclusions and coverages to avoid hostile claims experiences.

An inaccurately filed insurance claim can lead to low claim compensation or, even worse, rejection. Nevertheless, you can have a streamlined claim procedure to dodge delayed claim compensations and rejections by knowing what to do and what to avoid. Here are mistakes to avoid while filling an auto accident claim in Michigan

  1. Not Documenting Properly

Consider documentation as the backbone of your car accident injury claim; without it, your claim collapses. It’s vital to have proper documentation that doesn’t leave any room for doubt. The common documents required include:

  • Photos of the damage (geotagged or timestamped)
  • Invoices and bills to substantiate your financial expenses
  • Police report
  • Witness statements
  • Medical reports in the event of bodily harm

Incorrect documentation will jeopardize the success of your claim and even complicate future claims. A shoddy or incomplete claim record will impact your credibility and make insurance firms skeptical about any future claims. Getting all the documents is one of the smartest things to do after an accident. 

  1. Giving a Statement Without Consulting An Attorney

Many accident victims think that writing a statement about the accident to an insurance adjuster is mandatory. However, it is good to talk to your attorney before providing an official statement of what transpired. Providing a statement without speaking to a lawyer will significantly affect the compensation you might be eligible to get. The risk is that insurance adjusters will use your official statement against you. For instance, they might ask strategic questions that let them later reject your claim based on what you say.

  1. Acknowledging Fault Prematurely

Acknowledging fault prematurely will complicate things for you. The insurance firm may reduce the claim amount, or you may find yourself tangled in a legal battle you didn’t expect.

This can affect your claim in various ways. For instance, insurance adjusters are professional investigators. A slight slip of the tongue might cost you a huge sum of money when settling the claim. Wait for the official investigation before making admission.

  1. Accepting a Quick Offer On Your Claim

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In some cases, an insurance firm will seem eager to settle your claim. They might offer you what is a good amount at that moment. However, you should understand that your case is over once you sign the compensation agreement and deposit the check. The issue of selling an insurance claim too soon is that you still don’t know the long-term effects of the injuries.

You may need to see an experienced physical therapist several years after closing the case. Or you can’t go back to work as early as you wanted. In such a situation, you can’t go back to your insurer and ask for extra money. When dealing with serious injury from an auto accident, contact a professional attorney for help. They will ensure you have the cash for long and short-term medical care.

  1. Failing to Hire a Lawyer

Insurance adjusters might discourage you from hiring a lawyer. That’s because they know a lawyer will fight for what’s right. Hiring a professional lawyer to review your case will offer you a high chance of getting a reasonable amount.


Since you now understand the mistakes to avoid when filing for an insurance claim, follow the protocol for a hassle-free and smooth process. Know all the exclusions and coverages to avoid hostile claims experiences. Additionally, renew your policy within the set due date to avoid claim rejection.

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