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5 Most Dangerous Types of Truck Accidents in Memphis, Tennessee

— July 20, 2022

A jackknife accident is when the cabin and the trailer of the truck become folded at an angle.

Memphis, TN – The statistics are frightening – in 2020, 195 Tennessee residents were killed in a truck accident, while thousands were injured, some of them catastrophically. The laws of physics are merciless and passenger car occupants or bike riders have very little chance of escaping unharmed from a crash involving an 80,000 lbs tractor-trailer. All truck accidents are dangerous, but each case needs to be investigated thoroughly to determine what happened and who is liable for damages. If you’re in a serious accident, look up the most experienced Memphis truck accident lawyers you can find. 

Head-on crashes

Head-on collisions usually occur when the trucker loses control of the vehicle and your lawyers will have to determine why that happened. In many cases, head-on collisions are caused by driver fatigue or impaired driving. 

Motorists cannot afford to close their eyes for one second while at the wheel and when a trucker does that, the consequences are often horrific. Your lawyers will have to check how many hours the trucker had been on the road. If the trucker did not comply with federal safety regulations, he’ll be liable for damages, but you may also be able to sue their employer if they condoned or encouraged such behavior.

Underride truck accidents

An underride is when a passenger car becomes wedged under the truck. This may happen if the truck is tailgating your car or if the trucker hits the brakes suddenly and you rear-end them. Such an accident may be caused by speeding or distracted driving, in which case you’ll have to file a claim against the trucker’s insurance. 

However, your Memphis accident lawyers will also check if the truck was equipped with rear guards, as required by federal regulations. They’ll look at the state of these protections and if the rear guards were rusted or loose, you can accuse the trucking company of poor maintenance and hold them accountable for damages.

Blind spot collisions

Large trucks have four blind spots: in front of the vehicle, behind it, and along their left and right side. What you need to know is that these blind spots are very large and can extend to three lanes on either side of the vehicle. Truckers cannot claim they didn’t see you, though. It is their duty to constantly monitor traffic around them and watch out for other road users. 

If the trucker was distracted, he’ll bear full responsibility. Still, your attorneys will also check whether the driver had received proper training and if the truck was equipped with sensors and other electronic devices used to monitor blind spots. If the trucker was inexperienced or the surveillance system was faulty, the employer may also be liable for damages.

Rollover truck accidents

Truck accident on SR 20; image by WA State DoT, via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, no changes.
Truck accident on SR 20; image by WA State DoT, via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, no changes.

One of the most common causes of a rollover is speeding on sharp bends or curves. If that is the case, it’s the trucker’s fault.

On the other hand, any sudden shift in the cargo area can cause a rollover. Your lawyers will check if the cargo was properly balanced and secured, as required under FMCSA regulations. If there was any problem with the load, you may have a case against the owner of the cargo, the shipping company, or whoever was responsible for loading the truck. 

Jackknife accidents

A jackknife accident is when the cabin and the trailer of the truck become folded at an angle. This type of accident is usually caused by excessive speed or by braking suddenly. It can happen to anyone, but inexperienced drivers are more prone to this kind of accident. At the same time, your lawyers may need to order a technical examination of the truck to see whether there was a problem with the brakes. If the brakes were faulty, it may be because of poor maintenance, and you can sue the trucking company.  

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