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Truck Accidents and Distracted Driving in Virginia Beach

— July 20, 2022

Another related problem is the possibility of a commercial driver becoming fatigued, and therefore more likely to get distracted.

Virginia Beach, VA – Truck drivers have the possibility of being distracted just like non-professional drivers, although the results tend to be much worse if a large commercial vehicle is involved in an accident because of distractions. These distractions can include phone use, trying to eat or drink while driving, other people in the vehicle, and various forms of technology such as navigation systems. There are Virginia Beach truck accident lawyers who are available to assist anyone who needs compensation after being harmed by a commercial driver.  

How common is distracted driving in the trucking industry?

Considering all of the possible distractions, it can be difficult to get exact figures about distracted driving because not everyone receives a citation or causes an accident due to distractions. However, because of accident data collected by the government it is known that distracted driving has become a common cause of all motor vehicle crashes, especially due to the widespread use of texting or the practice of talking on the phone while driving. It is suspected that a large percentage of accidents involving commercial vehicles are caused by a distracted driver, and once a commercial driver is distracted it is also several times more likely for them to be involved in a crash before reaching their destination.  

Fatigue and distracted driving

Tired driver; image by Johan Funke, via
Tired driver; image by Johan Funke, via

Another related problem is the possibility of a commercial driver becoming fatigued, and therefore more likely to get distracted. There are limitations on driving hours each day and mandatory break periods, however these are not perfect solutions as some drivers get fatigued more easily than others and the rules are not always followed. Fatigue can also become a source of distraction if it causes the driver to lose their ability to pay attention to the road or they start to fall asleep while driving. It is fairly common for an accident investigation to discover that a commercial driver had not observed all of these regulations related to preventing fatigue. 

Distracted driving can be used as evidence

If a trucker or other commercial driver harms people in a crash and is sued, the victims and their attorneys will need to show evidence regarding why the defendant was at fault. If a witness saw this kind of behavior or it was discovered during the course of the following investigation, the defendant will have a difficult time avoiding liability. Virginia Beach accident lawyers have extensive experience with using this kind of information and evidence to help their clients get a sufficient settlement. 

Help after a truck crash in Virginia Beach is a service that works with people to find the right lawyer. Those who are searching for a professional who can provide legal advice can call 800-672-3103 for a referral. 

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