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5 Qualities of a Top Personal Injury Law Firm You Should Always Remember

— April 6, 2020

Always remember that a reliable law firm not only increases your chances of winning the case, but also gives you peace of mind and helps you heal from your injury faster.

When you’ve suffered an injury from an accident, extra stress is the last thing you need. However, the problem is that looking for a personal injury lawyer today can be quite an overwhelming process. With the vast number of law firms out there, it’s difficult to determine which one you can trust and is the right fit for your specific case.

To help you out, here are five qualities of a top personal injury law firm you should always remember:

  1. Has Expertise In Litigation and the Medical Field

You wouldn’t want to hire an ophthalmologist for a dental procedure.. Likewise, the last thing you’d want is to hire an attorney who’s not an expert in handling personal injury cases. Always remember that the law for personal injury requires understanding of complex insurance regulations, as well as medical expertise. That said, personal injury attorneys need to have more than just knowledge of the law. They must also have enough medical knowledge that they can use in analyzing and interpreting medical records, discussing your case with experts in the medical field, and presenting all gathered information to mediators, insurers, and, possibly, a jury. Their understanding of how the injuries you’ve got have and will impact you and your case is essential in the successful recovery of proper compensation.

  1. Responsive

If a law firm can’t devote their time to you, it has no business representing you in the first place. A law firm must have the patience and willingness to answer every question you have about your situation, whether it be a motorcycle accident or any other reason that caused your injuries. Always remember that your chosen personal injury lawyer should work for you, and never the other way around. 

To determine the responsiveness of a law firm, observe how its staff or representatives treat you all throughout the process of initial consultation scheduling and the consultation itself. Ask yourself, “Was it easy for me to schedule a consultation with their office?” It’s a red flag if your answer to this is no since it could mean you’ll be having trouble reaching their office later on.

You should also ask some direct questions about their communication policies during the initial consultation. Is it possible to directly speak with the lawyer assigned to you regarding some of your concerns regarding your case? Or, do you have to talk to staff or a representative first? Gauge their answers and see how they respond to your questions. Again, you want a law firm that addresses your concerns, listens to and values your opinions, as well as welcomes your feedback. It’s your case, after all. 

  1. Professional and Organized

If the representative or the assigned lawyer of the law firm you’ve reached out to is continually late for appointments or often misses deadlines, and if the law firm itself tends to lose essential documents and has a messy office, then consider looking for another option. A poorly organized law firm often results in a badly organized case, and that’s the last thing you’d like to experience for yours.

Two women reviewing paperwork; image by Freshh Connection, via
Two women reviewing paperwork; image by Freshh Connection, via

Another thing you have to look for in a law firm is quality. As you probably already know, most complaints filed against lawyers are about their failure to communicate with clients properly. Failing to communicate here encompasses many things, like returning letters, emails, and phone calls, as well as brushing aside meeting requests from clients. Always remember that your chosen attorney’s primary business is you and your case. Quality is present in a law firm if it ensures that all lawyers under its wing put their best foot forward for the clients. Because if they don’t, do you think they’ll do it in front of a jury or a judge?

  1. Honest

You won’t win your case when your lawyer hides the bad news from you. Please don’t forget that false guarantees are very dangerous. 

A no-nonsense, seasoned law firm always gives everything to their clients straight. They should always share the good, the bad, and all the in-betweens with their clients. Sugar-coating will only lead to your disappointment and resentment in the end.

So, how do you determine the honesty of a law firm and the personal injury attorneys under its wing? Of course, you can’t do it based on one initial consultation only. The best thing to do is to read reviews about the law firm from former clients. Learn about how the law firm handled their cases. What they say, of course, can be an excellent indicator of how they’re going to handle yours. 

  1. Transparent About Fees and Costs

Most personal injury law firms charge a contingency fee. Before litigation, this contingency fee gets typically set at 33% of your recovery. This rises to 40% once the petition gets filed. It will also be a good thing if the law firm is willing to cover the costs of litigation. 

Ask your prospective law firm to explain its fee structure and reimbursable expenses. It’s also a good idea to ask them for an honest assessment of the potential amount you can recover. 


Use the qualities above to find a law firm that perfectly fits your needs. Always remember that a reliable law firm not only increases your chances of winning the case, but also gives you peace of mind and helps you heal from your injury faster.

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