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5 Reasons CBD Helps with Stress And Anxiety

— October 18, 2019

When we take CBD, be it full spectrum or an isolate, this works with the endocannabinoid system.

It seems that you cannot get away from the latest medical buzzword, which is CBD. Everyone seems to be talking about it and even governments and legislation are coming to terms with the use of cannabis in a medical and recreational settings in order to improve our overall health. But why is CBD so good for us and how can it help with stress and anxiety? Here are five reasons why CBD can help.

Our Body is Biologically Geared To Work With Cannabis

Our bodies are amazing things, we are learning new things about them every day and one recent discovery is that we all have cannabinoid receptors in our bodies from birth. This endocannabinoid system means our body works with the compound to have some surprising effects. Stress and anxiety can manifest themselves in physically painful ways, from jaw clenching, and upset stomachs to headaches. 

When we take CBD, be it full spectrum or an isolate, this works with the endocannabinoid system. Researchers are still working on understanding the full extent of CBD’s effects on us, but it is thought that the entourage affect can be applied to it. What this means is that when you take a full spectrum oil, the components of the cannabis work synergistically and become more than the sum of their parts. This means that the health benefits are far reaching, though not fully understood.

CBD Can Help to Manage Physical Pain

Anxiety and stress can often manifest themselves in physical pain, this can be wide ranging symptoms, but most people report tense muscles, headaches and stomach upset when they are feeling particularly anxious. CBD in medium doses can help to alleviate these symptoms very quickly and effectively. If you are taking CBD that is low in THC, there are no psychoactive side effects to this. 

You can take CBD in a variety of forms from vapes, and oils to skin creams and edibles. Need some help? Popular price comparison website, Bountii compares brands of CBD gummies that taste great.

CBD Can Manage Neurological Manifestations

Whilst research is still ongoing, recent medical journals and papers have noted that CBD in a full spectrum dose can help alleviate the neurological manifestations of anxiety. When a person is feeling anxious, our brain redirects blood to the parts that generate this feeling. When the patients took CBD, this blood flow was redirected to other parts of the brain, thus reducing the feeling. It was particularly effective in people suffering from social anxiety disorder (SAD).

Woman taking few drops of a water-soluble CBD from Eir Health; image by Michal Wozniak, via
Woman taking few drops of a water-soluble CBD from Eir Health; image by Michal Wozniak, via

It Creates a Balance

When we talk about CBD, we are not referring to traditional cannabis which has high levels of THC. We are referring to CBD as one of the 423 compounds within cannabis and this compound’s impact on our physiology. Research is still ongoing, but early signs are suggestive of the fact that CBD can help restore balance to our brains. Anxiety and stress are large factors in the inability to sleep, taking CBD at a regular low level has been shown to dramatically reduce these symptoms and stabilize parts of the brain that can cause us to overthink and become anxious. 

It Helps Regulate Endorphins and Boost the Immune System

When we are stressed and feeling anxious, the impact on our physical health can be huge. We often feel as though we are fatigued, worn down and unwell. CBD has been found to help modulate our immune system. CBD bonds with our endocannabinoid system and helps boosts the immune system’s activity. It has been tested on people suffering from autoimmune diseases and found that, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t suppress the immune system. If you physically feel better, it can help you start to feel mentally better. 

Calming Effects 

One of the most known side effects of CBD and cannabis alike is the calming and soothing effect that it has on people. This is due to how we metabolize the compounds in CBD. If you are suffering from anxiety and stress and feel restless and even unable to sleep, a higher dose can help you into a calm state. This was tested on children who were suffering from PTSD and as a result were insomniacs. The CBD calmed them, reduced their anxiety and stressors and helped them to sleep. 

Final thoughts

The research is still ongoing into CBD and its impacts on our bodies, but what the research has uncovered so far is very promising for people who suffer from stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety not only impact people neurologically, they can also manifest themselves into physical symptoms, which can be just as debilitating. 

Taking CBD can begin to help manage these symptoms along with others that you may not even be aware you had, such as a low immune system or lack of rest. Our bodies are geared to metabolize and process CBD in ways we are only beginning to understand, but what is clear is that the endocannabinoid system can produce amazing effects that can help all aspects of our lives when it comes into contact with CBD. 

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