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5 Reasons Why a Clean Workplace is Important for Business

— June 17, 2020

A clean workspace goes a long way. It improves productivity, your public (and internal) image, it shows professionalism and courtesy, your care for the employees, clients, and the environment.

Keeping a clean workplace is important for many reasons. It should be important both for the employees and the business owner, as it only brings benefits and has no downsides. First, think of all the health benefits of keeping everything clean and sanitary. Not only will your employees be healthier, but this will also translate to increased productivity and fewer sick days. Getting a good first impression of potential clients or new employees is also very important. Read on for a more detailed list of reasons why a clean workplace is important for the business.

Make a Good Impression

Here, we intentionally didn’t say that you should just make a good first impression. Your business needs to always make a good impression on everyone who visits, which is why you need a tidy workplace. Any candidates or clients will certainly get a better impression if everything is in order in your workplace. Even the long-term employees will feel better coming to work every day if they see a clean, organized environment.

It will give them a better sense of purpose when doing their job, and they will feel more motivated. A new client will also more likely to strike a deal with you if your workplace is clean. Nobody likes a big mess, especially not professionals. Your business can be casual if you want, i.e. more and more IT companies have lax dress codes, but their offices are still very clean.

Boost Productivity

We feel like this reason for maintaining cleanliness in an office is often overlooked. You know that people call in sick all the time, worldwide. A big reason why they get sick is that they work in a dirty, unhygienic environment. If your employees use less sick days, you’ll make more profit, it’s as simple as that. Make sure to set some ground rules for your employees, and penalize them if they break them (leaving trash in the workplace outside of trash cans, etc.).

Employees celebrating a success; image by Priscilla Du Preez, via
Employees celebrating a success; image by Priscilla Du Preez, via

Also, pay the cleaning staff generously so they do a good job and keep everything spotless. Productivity doesn’t come just from less sick days. If your office is squeaky clean, your workers will remain focused longer and have fewer distractions from work. You don’t want too much clutter in the office. Trying to keep things simple and only have supplies and necessitates required for work. Soon we’ll talk about the items you want in an office, and those that aren’t necessary.

It’s a Part of Good Customer Service

Having a tidy office should be a must if your goal is to keep your customers happy. They’ll want to come back to your store or different enterprise if everything is clean. Furthermore, you need to make sure to use the space correctly and have everything organized. You can separate the area into organized sections, so the customers can find everything they’re looking for quickly.

Nobody likes waiting around, and clutter and disorganization can cause that. You’ll keep a serious image, and the customers will think of you as a professional. It’s very important to keep your integrity and professionalism intact when leading any sort of business. You will also get more respect from employees and customers if your business is eco-friendly. If your company gets a “green” image, it will be a huge plus for your business.

Don’t Forget the Entrance to Your Workplace

Sure, the workplace itself is the most important, and it should always remain tidy and organized. However, you shouldn’t forget about the entrance either. You’ve surely avoided some businesses yourself, just because they had a poor presentation, looking from the outside in. Guess what, your business may have the same effect on some people.

Make sure that the paint job, doors, windows, and everything else facing out from your workplace looks nice. The outside should appeal to the clients and employees just like the inside. Sure, you can go wild with the colors and experiment, as long it looks pleasant and it’s not too aggressive. An important piece of a professional workplace that is often overlooked is a quality entrance mat.

That’s right, entrance mats are among the first things anyone who walks in will see. You want a mat that is representative, like a mat with your businesses’ logo. Such mats promote your brand and serve as an advertisement. That is probably the cheapest yet most effective form of promotion you will find. You shouldn’t just get a mat for the entrance to your workplace. You can also put mats in a lobby, in the office, etc.. Above all, you need stable mats that make everyone walking in safe. A quality-build mat will also protect your floor from any possible damage and moisture. It will also round up space in your workplace. Feel free to use indoor or outdoor mats in empty spaces in your workplace.

Better Air Quality

Another important aspect of this discussion, also often disregarded, is the quality of the air. We’re all breathing air and taking it for granted. Air pollution indoors is much worse than outdoors, so you need to have solid air filtering in your office. 

Additionally, you should get as many plants as you can. They’re cheap, look nice, and most importantly, they provide oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. Your employees need to stay well-hydrated and have lunch breaks, but they also need quality air to think better and stay productive. Finally, always your employees to air out their workspace if they want. Fresh air is a basic human need, and it shouldn’t be denied to anyone.


As you can see, having a clean workspace goes a long way. It improves productivity, your public (and internal) image, it shows professionalism and courtesy, your care for the employees, clients, and the environment. The list goes on and on, and the benefits are just too good for any business owner to ignore this important aspect of a workplace. Remember that the outside and the entrance of your workplace is just as important as the inside of your facilities.

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