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5 Reasons Why It is Necessary to Hire an 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

— August 4, 2020

You may only have limited knowledge about the rules and regulations on legal issues, especially in the trucking industry. Fortunately, hiring a lawyer will help you lessen your burden by letting them handle all the legalities in your case. 

If you had an accident involving an 18-wheeler truck, you are entitled to compensation for the damages it caused. An 18-wheeler truck is massive, and the damage it can cause is expected to be huge, so the compensation from this kind of accident often involves a large sum of money.

Pursuing the compensation from the truck accident on your own would be a lot to handle, especially if you are still suffering from injuries and in ongoing recovery. Having someone experienced and knowledgeable enough to represent you in your case would be a relief. In this case, an accident lawyer is your best ally. 

Apart from legal counsel, hiring an accident lawyer will render you other advantages, as far as the case is concerned.

You Need the Proper Legal Strategy

Not all cases end up in court. Other cases can be resolved during mediation or the arbitration process. An experienced attorney specializing in truck accident cases would already be familiar with the process. He/she can determine the best course of action to ensure your compensation. 

Some insurance companies may not provide you enough compensation, and having a knowledgeable attorney by your side can help you get what is due to you. You should not sign any documents unless you fully understand what is written in the agreement. 

It is better to let an attorney read the document as they understand the situation and legal terminology better. After an attorney examines the documents, you should both discuss whether it is safe to sign the paper or not.

A Lawyer Can Help You Recover Non-Economic Damages

If the insurance company offers you enough money to cover all of your medical expenses associated with the accident, is it still safe for you to agree to accept the settlement? The losses you have due to the accident is more than the medical bills, even if the bills will reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

If you do not have the aid of an experienced lawyer, you may be convinced to sign the insurance company’s offer. However, if you do hire a lawyer, you may get more than just the medical bill payment. 

Your attorney will consider all losses you are suffering as a result of the accident. These losses include but are not limited to income loss during the accident and the trial and the vehicle damage. And if you have a permanent disability due to the accident, you should also be compensated accordingly. 

Truck Accidents are More Complicated

Investigating a truck accident is more than just knowing who beat the red light. There are more angles that need to be considered in an investigation: if the driver is trained enough to drive an 18-wheeler truck, if the driver suffered fatigue or other health issues, and if the truck itself has proper maintenance to avoid accidents. 

Every state has their own laws regarding truck accidents. Some states are considered a tort state where the driver at-fault will be the one who will be held liable for your injuries rather than your Personal Injury Policy. The no-fault state on the other hand, requires the insurance company to pay the victim no matter who is at fault.

Semi Trucks
Semi Trucks; image courtesy of chrissharkman via Pixabay,

There are 12 states that are considered as a “no-fault” state. Among these states are Florida, New York, and Minnesota. If your accident happened in, say, Duluth, Minnesota, a Duluth truck accident attorney can help you with your insurance claim. The lawyer can assist you in acquiring your insurance money by looking at the legal side of things.

Separate Rules for Truck Accidents

Truck accidents have separate rules and regulations than car accidents, and car accidents are more common than truck accidents. Almost all licensed car drivers have experienced minor to major accidents at least once. However, truck accidents are rarer than auto accidents. 

Without a commercial driver’s license, a person can not operate or drive a truck. This type of driver’s license is required for truck drivers before they can operate. Companies who hire these drivers, whether they employ them directly or indirectly, must also comply with the rules. A lawyer specializing in a truck accident case is already familiar with these rules. 

A Lawyer Can Help You Determine All Parties Liable

The truck driver is not the only person liable in the accident. A lawyer will help you determine who else can be held liable for the accident. Other parties, such as the truck company, the truck manufacturer, the company that leases the truck, and more could also be held liable. 

Most victims of a truck accident did not know that there is more than one party that can be held liable for a truck accident. If you hire a lawyer, they will automatically list and include all the parties liable for your accident and will look for the best strategy such that these parties will compensate you for the losses. 

An experienced truck accident attorney has already handled similar cases in the past and can incorporate all that they have learned from their past cases. You will have a significant chance of winning a case or getting what is right for you if you seek the help of a lawyer.


You may only have limited knowledge about the rules and regulations on legal issues, especially in the trucking industry. Fortunately, hiring a lawyer will help you lessen your burden by letting them handle all the legalities in your case. 

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