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5 Tell-tale Signs of Nursing Home Abuse Everyone in Dallas Should Know

— January 11, 2023

Watching a loved one becoming increasingly frail is terrifying. However, don’t put everything down to them getting older and nearing the end.

Dallas, TX – The moment someone you love must enter a nursing home, your responsibility for their safety and well-being doesn’t end. On the contrary, from that moment onwards you must be very vigilant and make sure they are not harmed in any way. No matter how hard you’ve tried to find a good place for them or how much it costs, you can never be certain they’re comfortable there and safe from abuse. It’s a known fact that abuse is rife in nursing homes all over the country, Texas included. 

Unfortunately, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse may be difficult to spot or prove. If you have any concerns about your loved one’s safety, talk to competent lawyers and see what you can do about it.

Signs a Dallas nursing home resident may be abused or neglected

Some residents are in no condition to understand what’s happening to them. Some understand only too well, but they may be afraid or ashamed to say anything. It’s your job to look for signs of abuse and neglect. Also, look up the best Dallas nursing home abuse lawyers so you know who to call in an emergency.  

Change in mental status

Many people may feel sad when they are placed in a nursing home, but they will eventually adjust if they are well-treated and feel safe. If your loved one becomes depressed, develops anxiety, or has panic attacks, you should investigate the cause. If they don’t want to open up to you, take them to a mental health expert. Sudden behavioral changes may indicate physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. 

If you discover the resident is mistreated, call the police or at least go see trusted Texas nursing home abuse lawyers.

Elderly couple holding hands; image by Gert Stockmans, via
Elderly couple holding hands; image by Gert Stockmans, via

Fear of certain employees

If your loved one seems afraid of a certain nurse or aide, take it as a sign of abuse. Your priority is to check for signs of physical abuse. Look for bruises, cuts, or lacerations. If you find any, take photos right away. 

If you suspect they may be sexually abused, you may want to get a doctor involved. Someone you trust, not one working for the nursing home. The resident should be checked for bruises in the genital area, infections, or STDs. 

Lack of hygiene

If there’s a marked difference in their physical appearance and interest in personal grooming, there can be only two explanations: either they’re depressed or neglected by their carers. Talk to their carers and find out what’s going on. 

Unexplained weight loss and dehydration

Watching a loved one becoming increasingly frail is terrifying. However, don’t put everything down to them getting older and nearing the end. Unexplained weight loss and dehydration can be signs of neglect. If the nursing home doesn’t have an adequate number of employees, there’s literally not enough time for them to attend to all the residents’ needs. Try talking to an aide and see if that is the case. Seasoned nursing home abuse lawyers will help you file a complaint or sue the facility.

Frequent falls or illnesses

The elderly are prone to falling, but that’s what the staff is paid for, to look after the vulnerable people and help them with their daily routine. If you notice they’re frequently bruised, something is definitely wrong.

Also, if they always seem to be sick or develop scary bedsores, they’re obviously not receiving adequate medical care. Contact reputable medical malpractice lawyers and get their opinion on your loved one’s state of health. 

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