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5 Things You Should Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Seattle

— July 18, 2023

Another essential step you must take is to inform your insurance agent about the accident and determine whether you can cover any medical expenses.

Many of us have witnessed a motorcycle waiting for the green light, while another vehicle driver was busy doing something, so they didn’t stop. Next thing you know, a tragic accident happens, leading to fatality.

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are common everywhere and Seattle is no exception. Even the most experienced drivers don’t think this scenario can happen to them, but when it does, the consequences can be severe.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle collision, there are some steps you can follow to ensure you recover physically and financially. After you get up, you need to adhere to a few tips if you want to avoid further injuries. 

Check for Injuries

Regardless of the accident, your health always comes first. The first and most essential step you should do is to check yourself and others for injuries because many symptoms may show up later after the collision. 

However, you need to remember you may need compensation for your medical expenses, so contacting professional lawyers might be your next step. 

Additionally, in extreme cases, a pregnant passenger can be involved in the collision, making the case more complex. If that happens, you might need to reach out to Seattle Birth Injury Lawyers to help you determine liability and prove the accident caused severe injuries.

Call 911 to Report the Accident 

If you make the first step and call 911 for help, you’re only helping your case. Speaking with the police allows you to create a report which you can use against the liable party. The police’s job is to interview everyone involved in the collision, take photos of the accident scene, speak to any witnesses, and document every detail. However, you should never admit to fault because it can be used against you in court. 

This is a crucial step, especially for people who seek compensation for their birth injuries. In that case, you can get in touch with Seattle Birth Injuries Lawyers to ensure you have a police report you can use against the responsible party and receive fair settlement offers. 

Take Photos of the Accident Scene

Although the police’s job involves taking pictures of the scene, you should document the motorcycle accident first to strengthen your case. As an additional step, you can take photos from different angles to show your injuries or the wreck scene.

Seek Medical Help

Emergency room sign; image by Pixabay, via
Emergency room sign; image by Pixabay, via

Even if you can’t see your injuries immediately, you must seek medical help. You can’t assume you’re not hurt because many injuries, especially birth ones may need months or years to show up after the accident. 

This step is especially useful if you’re working with Birth Injury Lawyers, and you need further proof of your injuries. However, since these claims are a type of medical malpractice, you might need additional help from Medical Malpractice Lawyers to give you further insight into these injuries and how to proceed with further legal steps.

Inform Your Insurance Company

Another essential step you must take is to inform your insurance agent about the accident and determine whether you can cover any medical expenses. These medical payments may include visits to the doctor, physiotherapy treatments, prescriptions, etc.

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