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5 Tips to Building a Professional Brand Image That Earns Respect and Admiration

— May 29, 2020

Building a successful startup is a challenging task, to say the least, which is why you have to shape the perception of your brand from the very start if you are to solidify your position in the market.

Ensuring long-term success for your startup is one of the most challenging parts of being a modern-day entrepreneur, especially if you are launching a company in a highly-competitive field that already has its fair share of established and recognizable businesses. In order to generate quality leads, elevate brand awareness and improve your reach, and in order to incentivize potential customers to get in touch, you have to enter the market with a brand that looks and feels larger and more professional than it actually is. 

No, you’re not deceiving anyone, you are simply portraying an image of a powerful and well-equipped brand even though your company might still be in its infancy. Otherwise, what’s stopping your potential customers from going to your established competitors? Here to help you ensure success for your new company are the five key tips that will help you create a professional brand image and earn your startup the respect and admiration it deserves.

Start by building a brand identity

First things first, you can’t hope to build a professional brand image or to keep refining your image if you first don’t define your brand style and create a unique identity as the foundation of your branding strategy. In other words, your first order of business should be to create a distinct brand identity that will appeal to the unique sensibilities of your target demographic. It’s imperative that you brand your company in a way that resonates with the target demographic of the industry and niche you occupy – after all, different industries have different notions of professional and trustworthy.

What’s more, your brand identity needs to be founded on a unique set of values that directly complements the beliefs that your customers and audience hold. The modern customer needs to connect with their favorite brands on a deeper level, and this can only be achieved through mutual values and by supporting mutual causes. You will also need to create a unique tone of voice that will resonate with your audience, along with a distinct and contemporary visual identity which we will touch upon later on.

Black pencils on light background with “DESIGN” written above; image by, via
Black pencils on light background with “DESIGN” written above; image by, via

Build a professional and consistent online presence

No matter if you’re focused on growing your business locally or if your plan is to launch a global business venture right off the bat, one of your top priorities should be to ensure brand consistency on all relevant online and offline channels. There’s nothing that can make a potential customer nervous and force them to choose your competitors like a brand that looks one way on Facebook, another way on Instagram, but has a completely different identity on LinkedIn or its own website.

This breeds distrust and anxiety within the modern consumer group, which is why ensuring consistency is paramount. Not only do you have to have a brand presence across the online world, you but you also have to ensure that this presence boasts the same tone of voice, visual identity, brand culture, that it uses the same vocabulary and brand style, and more. This will show the customer and potential business partners that you are proud of your brand and that you take yourself seriously, which will inspire confidence and trust. 

Equip your offices with modern tech

If you want to present a contemporary and professional brand image, then you need to embrace technology and weave it into your office space. From the lobby to the conference room, from the communal areas to the main workspaces, every room in your office space should have the right gadgets and tech to help build a more professional and forward-looking brand. This is important if you’re looking to improve your brand culture, but also if you’re hoping to dazzle your clients and customers.

You can start by mounting flat-screen TVs and installing entertainment systems such as those offered by Furrion in key areas to play your branded videos and tell the story of your company while your clients wait in the lobby or while your customers are browsing your products. Complete the ambiance with surround-sound systems that will help create a peaceful and positive setting, all of which will help build a more professional brand image. 

Create a brand etiquette and marketing collateral

Your employees are your biggest brand advocates. The way they conduct themselves in a professional and social environment will greatly shape the perception of your company in the eyes of potential partners, clients, and the public in general so it’s important that you invest in internal branding and create a strict brand etiquette. What’s more, it’s important to equip your employees with the tools necessary to sell your brand at networking events and meet-ups, so be sure to design professional and contemporary business cards that will make a positive impact and help with brand stickiness. Before long, people will start to notice the amount of effort you put into your brand and its employee collective.

Focus on digital transformation and innovation

On a final note, always remember that clients and customers are always looking for brands that focus on the future, and implement innovative practices into their processes in order to deliver better results while cutting waste and expenses. To achieve this and build a more efficient operation, simply focus on digital transformation and integrate leading industry software that will help you automate various tasks and better manage your relationship with your partners and clients. Don’t forget to start allocating financial resources towards innovation as well, because the most successful brands are the ones that innovate new products and services in the ever-changing consumer market.

Wrapping up

Building a successful startup is a challenging task, to say the least, which is why you have to shape the perception of your brand from the very start if you are to solidify your position in the market. Use these tips to create a strong brand that will demand respect, admiration, and trust in the online and offline realms.

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