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5 Tips to Creating a Video Marketing Strategy as an Aspiring Musician

— May 28, 2020

Be sure to include video marketing into your business model, and use these tips to make your videos more engaging, relevant, and appealing to your audience. 

Building a career as a musician is much like running any other type of business, and even though you might be in it for the art you create, there is no denying that you will have to get serious and professional when it comes to developing your brand, promoting your tunes, and simply leading your music career towards long-term success. Most importantly, you will need to stay on top of your finances and create a success budget that you can allocate properly towards different projects, such as making new music and renting a studio, collaborations, as well as your marketing efforts.

Always remember that marketing is the driving force behind any music business, which is why you need to focus on video marketing in order to get your name out there, engage your audience, and build your global fame. With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at the key tips that will help you create a video marketing strategy on a budget.

Decide on the key goal of your videos

You might think that the goal of your video marketing campaign is pretty simple and straightforward – to promote your music. In reality, though, you need to think of video marketing as your tool for promoting various different aspects of your business, like your brand, your image, your music videos, your private label company if you have one, and of course, your amazing music as well. You could try to promote everything in a single video, but that would only confuse the listener and force them to concentrate on too many moving parts. 

After all, you don’t want to detract from the listening experience with messages about your brand, nor do you want your brand to get lost in the tunes and the music video itself. This is why you have to list all of the key goals of your videos, which will help you come up with various video types and formats to promote your music career on different fronts. 

Research online platforms and audiences

There are numerous online platforms where aspiring artists can promote their businesses, their music and image, and their brands as a whole, all of which should be a part of your overarching marketing strategy. When it comes to online platforms that support video formats, you should establish a presence on each and every one in order to broaden your reach and engage as many people around the world as possible. After all, different audiences reside on different platforms, and you need to reach them wherever they might be.

Up-close photo of YouTube on a smartphone; image by NordWood Themes, via Unsplash.con.
Up-close photo of YouTube on a smartphone; image by NordWood Themes, via Unsplash.con.

Aside from publishing your music on Spotify, Deezer, and iTunes, you should consider every online service where you can publish your music videos or your promo videos and teasers at the very least. For example, you can use YouTube to promote yourself through full-length music videos, but you can use Instagram and Facebook to promote your entire brand and give your audience a taste of what’s to come, what new material you’re working on, and more though Stories. 

Create engaging videos using a visualizer

Shooting a professional music video is not only expensive and time-consuming, but it’s also an investment that you as an aspiring musician shouldn’t make until you have solidified your financial position. That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, however, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make music videos at all.

Nowadays, you can find a feature-rich music video maker online that will allow you to visualize your music through engaging and dynamic animations, which is a great way to save money yet still publish truly memorable videos on a regular basis to add quality and uniqueness to your artist brand as a whole. The video platform you choose should allow you to download your videos in full HD and 4K resolutions so that you can publish them everywhere on the web and even send them over to various record labels and producers. 

Know when to post videos and how to engage your audience

To make your videos as impactful as possible, it’s not enough to just post them whenever you make a new one. Instead, you need to know exactly when the right time to publish is, in order to grab the attention of your audience and inspire them to share, like, and buy your music. 

Be sure to utilize the analytics dashboards provided by all streaming services and video platforms like YouTube in order to figure out when your audience members and your demographics are most active online, and then post your videos. Don’t just leave them there, though, but be sure to engage with your followers in the comments and keep the conversation going. 

Assign relevant metrics to your video strategy

Every marketing strategy needs a concrete set of KPIs that will help you track its progress and determine whether or not it’s paying off. After all, you’re not in the business of losing money on ineffective marketing tactics, so you need to know exactly how your video strategy is doing. Be sure to monitor your views, likes, shares, and comments and compare these KPIs with the number of people who have bought your music and the number of new listeners and fans you get each month. 

Wrapping up

To succeed in the competitive music business nowadays, you have to think like a true businessman. Be sure to include video marketing into your business model, and use these tips to make your videos more engaging, relevant, and appealing to your audience. 

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