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Finance Apps for Businesses for Going on a Success Budget

— May 1, 2020

These financing apps have taken the finance industry by storm and are deemed as virtual financial analysts that seamlessly detect misspending and splurging.

Being a business owner appeals to many, but they must first come to terms with finance. Managing finances is a pretty rough and ready chore, and it’s best to start it before it starts to overwhelm you.

Starting a business is an endless loop of digging in bulky finances. Therefore, integrating a finance management app is pivotal to avoid messed up finances and hefty debts to pay. 

Owning a business is a big deal. 

While producing and providing services and monitoring deliverables, it turns nearly impossible to keep track of finances, especially the day-to-day expenses that turn exceptionally horrendous when accumulated.

But, thanks to the burgeoning digitization, there are ingenious ways to curb and manage finances so you can get back to the actual focus of your business.

Thus, to assist you in navigating the pool of finances, we have come up with a list of expense tracking apps. These apps illustrate corporate finances and notify you of important events such as when to file taxes and when you need to pay for loans, so you are not bombarded with hefty penalties to pay later.

These financing apps have taken the finance industry by storm and are deemed as virtual financial analysts that seamlessly detect misspending and splurging.

We believe with a reliable financing app, you can slap this famous proverb hard in the face:

The jack of all trades, master of none.

In this way, you won’t have to micromanage every single task yourself.

Therefore, in this article, we’ve shed light on every possible way an entrepreneur can monitor business finances without having to maintain heaps of spreadsheets to jot down every transaction manually.

That’s tedious.

Older woman at table with bills; image courtesy
Older woman at table with bills; image courtesy


So let’s start to savor some of the best finance apps for startups, which align your financial tasks and illustrate an accurate overview of your financial health.

Best Apps for Accounting/Finance

  1. MINT

Mint is all the rage nowadays for expense tracking and budgeting. This glorified money manager lets you plan every bit of your budget by eliminating expenses and debts with precise valuation. It syncs with your bank accounts to set up a realistic budget to fulfill your corporate needs. The best bit of the app is that it recommends top-notch financial accounts with reasonable interest rates. Plus, you can also synchronize the budgeting app with your Apple Watch.  The app sternly monitors your bank statement to figure out whether you have worked in compliance with your crafted budget or failed to do so.


This app works as per the envelope budgeting approach in preparing financial reports and evaluating spending patterns. The app offers email support to the budgeters. Moreover, it can be harmonized with several devices allowing its user to share the budgeting data with the active partners. For the cons of this budgeting app, it doesn’t have a demo version, and that troubles its users. Still, as there is always an alternate for every concerning matter, there is one similarly for this: it is that you can watch videos regarding the app’s points and way of usage to gain familiarity with the app and to start budgeting like a veteran.


Though this financing app has a pretty complex interface, still what captivates us about this app is that it demonstrates the entire financial situation in animated statistics. The app is a pro at making accurate calculations in the currency you prefer. Furthermore, it supports a myriad of languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch, German, and Chinese, to name a few. The app also considers uncertainties so you can feasibly access your data anytime, anywhere, using its free-of-cost cloud backup.

  1. My EasyFi

My EasyFi a personal finance tracking software that works off the beaten track. It manages and curbs finances; however, what gravitates most budgeters to the app is the exclusive opportunity for its members to market the site once the next set of features is integrated. The following characteristics of the app include identification of theft, protection, VPN, and credit monitoring. Moreover, intellectuals can make big bucks with the app’s affiliate program and opt for it as a side hustle. This way, a budgeter can fill his financial gap without any hassle.

  1. WALLY

This budgeting app tracks expenses and finances. The app has some robust expertise in receipt-scanning, which doesn’t require manual editing of each and every transaction made.

  1. DIGIT

Digit works phenomenally well in saving money, something to which you may never have paid enough heed. It thoroughly reviews the budgeters’ spending patterns, then amasses a mint from your capital in a no-interest savings account.


Have you heard about credit Karma?

Well, you must have. But, did you know you can review your credit score and credit card options with the app super conveniently?

Now you know. So go ahead and start to binge manage your finances.

  1. YNAB (You Need a Budget)

This budgeting app proffers free trials of its budgeting approach, so be sure to have a ride of it, too. Similar to the prior apps mentioned, YNAB also provides a clear insight into your financial status and sets up a realistic budget, which lets you check your bills and paycheck and reminds when you need to pay them. The registration costs a bit more than the conventional budgeting apps, but looking at the perks it offers, the price seems fair enough. 


Curbing and narrowing down spending habits was never this easy. This budgeting apps comes with improvised budgeting features. Mvelopes chiefly focuses on killing off debts. Therefore, if you’re a veteran and fancy self-discipline more than anything, than you must know that it’s only a few clicks away from you.


Splendee has an unconventional approach to financing, though many of you may not navigate to it as it runs on the rules of simplicity and modesty. Right off the bat, the app showcases your financial health to keep you aware of your personal finances in comparison with the chunk of money spent, and that’s how it emphasizes budgeters’ pain points.

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