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7 Ways CBD Water Improves Your Fitness Regime

— May 1, 2020

CBD water is convenient and effective during workouts. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce muscle pain and speed up recovery after a heavy workout.

CBD is known for many medicinal benefits. It can even help you maintain your fitness regime. People seem quite interested in finding new CBD products for weight loss. One of the interesting products that can help them is CBD water. Let us see the benefits of CBD water when you include it in your fitness regime.

Like CBD water, people also use other CBD products for weight loss, such as CBD tinctures, CBD tea, etc. However, there are some misconceptions about consuming CBD for weight loss. Some people think that eating cannabis raw can help them stay fit. This is clearly wrong. You might not get any expected results or benefits from consuming raw weed.

7 Ways CBD Water is Beneficial for your Fitness Training

  1. Reduces muscle pain 

Over 60% of the U.S. population suffers from pain in some form or another. Whether you are on a fitness regime or have some medical condition, you need pain management therapies. Just so you know, pain relief through acupuncture is now a part of Medicare.

Muscle pain can be overwhelming for you when you start your fitness regime. During strenuous exercise, your muscles demand oxygen and undergo anaerobic fermentation. Anaerobic fermentation causes the production of lactic acid, which causes muscle pain.

CBD is a powerful and natural painkiller. Drinking CBD water after workouts can relieve your muscular cramps. Having CBD water during workouts would help you deal with muscle pain so that you can continue with your physical exercises for longer durations.

  1. Weight management

CBD products have always been associated with weight loss. Consuming THC strains increases appetite, which can increase weight. But, CBD works quite the opposite way. CBD water can help suppress your appetite so that you do not end up eating more than you should. CBD also increases the mitochondrial activity of cells. This leads to higher rate of sugar and fat breakdown, speeding up your body’s metabolism. 

  1. Provides necessary minerals and vitamins 

CBD water contains important vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are beneficial for the body, especially when you feel exhausted during workouts. Rigorous workouts are necessary to maintain a proper fitness regime. However, you should not deprive your body of important nutrients in the process.

CBD plant and capsules; image by, via
CBD plant and capsules; image by, via

While it is not possible to eat during a workout, you can always have CBD water by your side. With cannabidiol, vitamins and minerals will provide increased benefits to your body.

  1. Reduces cortisol levels in the blood

When your body undergoes stress, it release cortisol hormone. Similarly, when you do intense workouts, there is a physical stress on the body, which results in the release of cortisol. Your blood always has a certain level of cortisol in it because it is not possible to avoid stress causing factors entirely. 

The normal concentration of cortisol does not have any harmful effects on your body. But during exercise, there could be an excess of cortisol. Higher cortisol levels can result in the weakening of muscles, weight gain, and slow recovery. 

You cannot afford weak muscles and weight gain if you want to stay fit. Drinking CBD water during workouts can help combat cortisol concentration.

  1. Improves insulin sensitivity

Do you know scientists are focusing on CBD treatment for diabetes? This is because CBD can significantly improve insulin sensitivity. As much as insulin sensitivity is necessary for diabetic patients, it is important to staying fit and active. 

You may have a top-quality workout program, but your body still cannot get rid of the extra fat. This happens when you have high insulin sensitivity. Your body will store excess amount of fat and glucose, resulting in slow metabolism and increased weight. 

The less insulin your body recruits, the more beneficial it is. Your insulin should be low for the most part. CBD lowers insulin level, so it can help people who have poor insulin sensitivity stay fit.

  1. Provides anti-inflammatory effects to the body

Inflammation is the natural response of your body to any harmful stimulus. Inflammation kicks in when the muscle cells of your body get damaged. Inflammation is necessary for the recovery process. However, its excess can be dangerous.

Chronic inflammation due to extensive workouts can cause hypersensitivity and weight gain. Severe inflammation can lead to serious disorders in your body. 

Cannabidiol is rich in anti-inflammatory pigments. Click here to know how Hempworx products and CBD water can reduce inflammation during heavy workouts. 

CBD water reduces the level of hormones that cause inflammation. As a result, your inflammation goes away quickly, and your body is set to do more exercise.

  1. Speeds up the recovery time

After rigorous exercise, it is necessary to regain your energy. If you get completely exhausted and feel that all your energy is gone, you might not feel like working out again. Complete exhaustion can indeed cause you to lose motivation. Quick recovery time helps you have longer workout sessions frequently. 

CBD repairs cells and produces energy. Under the effect of CBD, cells can break fat into energy and increase the sugar metabolism. This makes energy readily available to the body for a quick recovery process. This way, you recover quickly and gain more energy to continue exercising.

Wrapping up

CBD water is convenient and effective during workouts. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce muscle pain and speed up recovery after a heavy workout.

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