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5 Ways to Market Your Law Firm

— July 13, 2021

Law firms need the proper marketing strategies to help you and your potential clients find each other.

Law firm marketing is utilizing calculated strategies to gain more leads and improve ROI. Your law firm will thrive with exposure to both online and offline ads, but more with online marketing as it offers practical ways to get the word out about your business. The year 2021 is also when most economies around the world are still recovering from the 2020’s pandemic. And if your law firm is among those affected, you might want to try the following marketing ideas that will help your law firm.  

  1. Paid Search 

Paid advertising is still one of the best ways to get your law firm into the spotlight, both offline and online. But while traditional advertising is expensive and limited, you can use the Internet to your advantage with paid search. Potential customers looking for legal assistance from your law firm specifically could see you prominently if you started using branded Google Ads search terms in the legal industry. When you place importance on the needs of your potential clients by understanding them, you’ll be able to use AdWords to find quality leads.  

Pay-per-click ads are cost-efficient and discreet. It’s also up to you what you want your potential clients to see on the ads. Another advantage of paid search is that they work instantaneously. You won’t have to worry about any time gap between indexing at the SERPs and campaign promotion.  

  1. Create A Virtual Events 

Another marketing method that can spell success for your law firm is through hosting a virtual event. It’s a gathering of prospects or colleagues online through conference calls. It’s a tech-based solution made famous because of lockdowns that prevented the crowds of people in public and private locations.  

Your law firm can use virtual hosting to generate high-quality customers and offer support for existing ones. Depending on your target audience, you must choose appropriate topics to learn and leave with empowering knowledge. It’s also a way to display the leadership and expertise of your colleagues to potential clients.  

There are various types of virtual events. Online seminars and conferences are held chiefly for meetings or commercial events. Continued Legal Education for knowledge and development of law professionals is held as a part of paid law courses.  

  1. Make Your Website Count 

Your business website isn’t simply your front page on the Internet. It’s why you have an online presence in the first place – if you are to maintaining it as a good marketer should. The goal of having a website is to let your visitors know what you do and why you’re good at what your law firm does. It’s the center of it all, where all of your marketing efforts redirect back to your law firm’s traffic and exposure.  

Your law firm website should meet the following criteria: 

  • Business name and logo 
  • Navigational ease 
  • The blog section, or the news page  
  • Informative and relevant copywriting 
  • Various pages on your law firm’s practice broken down into subjects 
  • A page dedicated to law firm partners with updated headshots 
  • Call-to-action and contact information 
  • Security integration 
  • Mobile-device responsive 

Why not include community news such as competitions for students and other informative law topics that apply to daily life? Such issues will help you get more readership or followers.  

Take your website as your online calling card with more information for your potential client. Law firms neglecting their website are most likely not getting leads but relying on time-consuming and slow marketing methods. Revamp your website, and you’ll see how much it’ll affect the business side of your firm.  

  1. Social Media Ads

    Smartphone with “Social” on the screen & various social media icons, sitting on computer keyboard; image by Geralt, via
    Smartphone with “Social” on the screen & various social media icons, sitting on computer keyboard; image by Geralt, via

Any successful businesses are now using social media to advertise their business because it’s where the people are. If you want to target your potential clients, social media advertising is a powerful tool that you can harness. What’s best is that you don’t have to pay for it, albeit paid advertising can also get you a long way.  

Your social media content should also count if you want to engage your organic traffic. Use relevant keywords in your informative content, include links to your website content that will redirect to your social media topic, and integrate ads.  

A popular social media platform features ad management for businesses where marketers can use them to set up their preferred demographics. The social media ads are placed in between threads on the newsfeeds where users can see them as they scroll down. So not only can you get new leads, but it’s also beneficial when retargeting visitors.   

  1. Email Marketing 

If you want something direct and can be set up to be personal, you can’t go wrong with marketing through email newsletters. Law firms are subject to informational updates such as changes in regulations and other sorts of industry news. You can create newsletters with content that your existing clients can understand. If you’re maintaining a client database, you have many to send your newsletters to, and you can receive new leads through them as well. 

You can include helpful content in your newsletters, such as new or updated services and important news about the firm. Self-promotion to your clients humanizes your law firm even more. When you have a long list of clients, you can use email automation to simplify the process.  

In Conclusion 

These are just a few ways to market your law firm. You can utilize many more to widen your client reach and engage them like never before. Law firms need the proper marketing strategies to help you and your potential clients find each other. As the law industry is already a condensed market, it pays to be a standout.  

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