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6 Attorneys to Contact As You Get Older

— April 26, 2023

An experienced team of attorneys is an invaluable asset no matter what stage of life one finds themselves in.

As you get older, it’s important to be aware of the legal professionals that can help you protect your rights and make sure you are prepared for any changes in life. While many people think of attorneys as people who represent them in court, they can also help with a variety of other matters such as estate planning, elder law, and more. Here’s a look at six attorneys you should contact as you get older.

Estate Planning Attorney

An estate planning attorney is an invaluable resource when it comes to preparing for your future. They can help with everything from drafting wills and trusts to determining guardianship provisions and setting up power of attorney arrangements. They also provide assistance with tax preparation, asset protection, and more. An estate planning attorney who can work as a will attorney is essential if you want to ensure that your assets are managed correctly after you pass away or become incapacitated.

Elder Law Attorney

Elder law attorneys specialize in issues related to aging, including topics like long-term care planning, retirement planning, Medicare/Medicaid eligibility requirements, and elderly housing options. They can also assist with handling guardianship proceedings or filing for government benefits like Social Security or disability payments. An elder law attorney will ensure that all of your needs are taken care of so that you have peace of mind as you age.

Real Estate Attorney

A real estate attorney can provide assistance when it comes to buying or selling property. They will draft contracts that protect both parties involved in the transaction and review documents to make sure everything is legally binding. Real estate attorneys can also provide advice on property taxes, zoning laws, tenant-landlord disputes, and more. If you need assistance with anything related to real estate transactions then a real estate attorney is a must-have resource for you.

Family Law Attorney

A family law attorney specializes in issues related to marriage dissolution (divorce) or child custody disputes. They will be able to advise on how best to divide assets during a divorce proceeding and negotiate alimony payments if necessary. Family law attorneys are also helpful if there is an issue regarding child support payments or adoption decisions that need to be made by the court system.

Business Law Attorney

Lawyer preparing a file; image by advogadoaguilar, via
Lawyer preparing a file; image by advogadoaguilar, via

If you own a business then hiring a business law attorney is essential for protecting your interests and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. A business law attorney will help draft contracts between yourself and clients or vendors; they will handle negotiations between yourself and potential investors; they will advise on regulatory matters; they will even provide guidance when it comes time to dissolve the business altogether if necessary. In short—if there’s anything related to your business then having a good business lawyer close by is essential!

Tax Attorney

Taxes can be complex regardless of what stage of life you’re at—but as you get older it becomes even more important that everything regarding your finances stays above board so that there aren’t any surprises down the road from the IRS. That’s why having a tax attorney on hand makes sense—they’ll make sure all filings are done correctly so you don’t run into any trouble later on (and possibly save money in the process). Plus—they’ll be able to offer advice about how best to handle investments or charitable donations going forward so that everything remains compliant with current tax regulations.

An experienced team of attorneys is an invaluable asset no matter what stage of life one finds themselves in. However, it becomes especially important as one gets older since there may be additional concerns such as managing one’s assets appropriately or navigating through changing regulations around taxes and finance. From advising on family law issues such as divorces and adoptions to ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations—these six types of lawyers can provide invaluable expertise and guidance going forward. So don’t wait—contact one today.

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