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6 Client Experience Mistakes to Avoid as a Law Firm

— August 19, 2021

What’s worse than not asking for feedback? Not addressing it once you get some. 

Law firms play an important role in society and contribute majorly to the economy as well, when it comes to legal services law firms are the only option looked upon to address people’s legal issues. This kind of importance brings great expectations, and the rapidly changing times are transforming the expectations of the clients, so law firms need to keep up with the changes. 

Hence, if you run a law firm or are a part of one, we recommend you read this article till the end and amend your ways of delivering the client experience if you find yourself committing any of these mistakes. 

Failing to deliver a consistent experience

A consistent experience is greatly valued by the client therefore maintaining consistency throughout all the touchpoints during the client journey is very important. Impressing your client when they are still a prospect and unable to stand up to your promises during the client journey is the deal-breaker. 

For the substantial growth of your firm, it is important to deliver a consistent client experience through the journey. 

The inability of being a reliable advisor

Among the most important aspects of being a lawyer is to be a trusted advisor, an advisor who at crucial situations provides the best advice, therefore, try not to be just a service provider, try being a trusted advisor who can be looked upon in times of need. 

It often occurs that your clients face challenges beyond your paradigm of service or expertise, under such circumstances, we must take the initiative to show them the direction where they can find their answers by putting in touch with the right people who can address their issue. 

Neglecting your client’s feedback 

Feedback is believed to be the only resource that feeds the bandwidth of improvisation, without client feedback you can seldom improve and that can prove to be lethal to your firm eventually leading to a catastrophe.

Online reviewer; image courtesy geralt via, CC0.
Online reviewer; image courtesy geralt via, CC0.

Setting up formal meetings at the beginning and end of the project will not provide you the necessary input on your client required to address the issue and getting feedback at the end of the project is useless, leaving you no room to improve while working on the project. 

A better approach would be catching up with your clients informally because it is more likely that your clients will open up to you without any hesitation. 

What’s worse than not asking for feedback? Not addressing it once you get some. 

Just meeting expectations

The modern consumer is surrounded by lucrative offers every day, this has led to an increase in expectations of an average client. Meeting expectations might have been a sign of success in the past, but in the present scenario clients always expect more from you. 

Therefore, always thrive to add value to your services by going the extra mile in serving your client, this will enable you to build a strong relationship with your clients and win more clients through word of mouth and retain existing clients. Speaking about building a strong relationship leads to our next point

Failing to build a stronger relationship 

Getting a client through marketing and other lead generation is just the beginning part of your firm, but the real deal starts when they become your paying customer. Therefore, building a strong relationship with your client is very crucial if you want to stay in the business for long. 

It often occurs that law firms get indulged so much in the project that they forget to foster the relationship with their client. Few basic ways of building a concrete relationship with your clients are communicating, understanding their needs, giving them your best shot, and exceeding their expectations. 

Being project-centric

As mentioned above, a firm needs to go the extra mile to serve its client. Your client has access to many other law firms as well (just the way your client got in touch with you) if they are looking for a traditional lawyer-client relationship. To add value to your relationship, you have to become more like a partner than just a lawyer. 

A partner who has an in-depth understanding of their company and its necessities and is always on the front foot to assist in any legal calamities before occurring. 

Final Thoughts

These are the common mistakes committed by most law firms, due to which they remain where they are, nonetheless when law firms and lawyers act upon these essential improvement elements, they can truly serve their clients better by staying ahead of their competitors and thrive as a firm. 

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