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Clubhouse: What You Need to Know About the New Social Media Frontier for Lawyers

— August 19, 2021

You longer need invitations to join Clubhouse, and we highly suggest that you do so. Communication is getting stronger each day with social media, and you will gain a lot if you join.

In April 2020, we all heard about the release of a new social media platform called Clubhouse. It got an exclusive reputation since its release, perhaps because it was different from other platforms in terms of functionality. Clubhouse is an audio-based platform that people found lovely because it transcended social media’s online and far-from-reality world. People could talk and express themselves, especially after extended lockdowns and quarantines of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

You, as a lawyer, can effectively use Clubhouse as the new social media frontier to market your law firm. You can find great lawyers on Clubhouse and discuss fascinating legal issues and cases with them. If you want to know more about how Clubhouse can elevate your legal knowledge, keep reading this article. 

What is Clubhouse? 

Clubhouse is a social media app that is centered on audio. According to Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, the Clubhouse owners, “”A new sort of social product centered on voice, allows people anywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world.”

It’s like an ongoing podcast where you may jump in and out of different rooms on various topics. You have the option of merely listening or sharing your ideas. It’s a hybrid of LinkedIn, a panel discussion, and a business conference.

How Does Clubhouse Work?

Before going through how you can benefit from Clubhouse for your law firm, let’s know about the mechanism of Clubhouse. 

There is a moderator who hosts a ‘room’ on Clubhouse. The moderator can choose other people in the room as moderators to manage the room, check if people are talking in their turns, etc., if the number of listeners in the room is high. 

The room space is divided into three sections: a stage where the moderator sits and guest speakers can be invited; a front row of seats occupied by the people who follow the speakers; and the last section designated for drop-ins and newcomers.

There are podcast-style chats, chat rooms, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and real-life interactions in private and public modes. One thing you should be careful about is that recording and transcribing rooms on Clubhouse is illegal according to the rules of the app, and you should never do that. 

How Can Lawyers Benefit from Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is one of the tech tools for lawyers and attorneys. It’s high time we saw how Clubhouse could contribute to your legal firm and grow your business.

1. Talk About Case Studies

One popular room subject you can choose is analyzing social issues. As the room goes on, you can also talk about your relevant legal cases and show how knowledgeable you are regarding your legal background. 

For instance, you can talk about money laundry or murder depending on the legal field you are an expert in. The advantage of doing so is that you can increase your clients by showing them your expertise. 

2. Organize a Q&A Session

If you have many followers on Clubhouse, you can organize a Q&A session with the law students or interns. They can ask you questions about your field of legal expertise, and you should provide them with answers and solutions. 

One way to increase your followers on Clubhouse is to cross-promote yourself. It means that you should talk about your Clubhouse account on your other social media platforms and drive your followers to your Clubhouse account. 

You may be active on Instagram, for instance. Using Instagram followers apps or the best Instagram growth services, you can increase your followers on Instagram organically and then lead them to your Clubhouse through posts and stories. If posting on Instagram takes a lot of your time, you can spend one day preparing all the content you want to post in a month and schedule your Instagram posts for a later time. 

3. Grow Awareness on a Subject

Most people are unaware of legal subjects unless they have struggled with them. Organize rooms for immigrants to your country who don’t know about residence rules or tax policies, for example. Consider all social groups and talk about the rules they should know. 

One good thing that a few lawyers in the Third World are doing is to raise women’s awareness about marriage rules because many of the regulations in these countries are in favor of men. Find that hot subject that is going on in your own country and talk about it at Clubhouse.

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You can also talk about international issues as well. Subjects like climate change and preserving the environment are great topics to discuss and raise people’s consciousness about them. To make it more legal, you can talk about the policies that different countries have adopted to fight the planet’s destruction. This is quite encouraging for people to care about the environment.

4. Interview with Your Clients

Depending on your legal field of work, you can invite some of your previous clients to the stage as speakers so that they can share their stories with your listeners. This is good because your listeners will know how expert you are, and you can get more clients. 

Generally speaking, word of mouth is more effective than any other marketing strategy. We are more likely to buy a dishwashing liquid if we hear from our mothers that the dishwashing liquid is the best. This is true while seeing the TV ad promoting the same dishwashing liquid and ignoring it. This is the power of word of mouth and the reason why you should consider interviewing with your previous clients at Clubhouse.

Just remember not to force anyone and let it happen in the course of your rooms. The reason is that people care about their privacy and may not feel comfortable talking about the case in public. 

5. Run AMA Sessions for Free

One excellent way to promote your legal business on Clubhouse is to attend AMA sessions for free and give legal advice to people. This is not only helpful for those who cannot afford a lawyer but also is great for growing your business. People trust you, and they like to choose you as their lawyer in some specific issues to solve their legal problems.


We live in the technology era, and the more we adapt our businesses to it, the more successful we will become. While many traditional law firms are reluctant to use technology, the Internet, and social media platforms like Clubhouse for their business, many others have gained an excellent reputation by doing so. 

You longer need invitations to join Clubhouse, and we highly suggest that you do so. Communication is getting stronger each day with social media, and you will gain a lot if you join. I wish you the best of luck!

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