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6 Things Smart Entrepreneurs Do Differently

— October 23, 2019

It might appear that every successful businessperson has innate talents that have helped them make it big. That doesn’t mean you cannot develop the same traits that have led them to success.

There are so many variables that dictate the success of a business: execution, timing, team, personality, quality ideas, market conditions, etc. In other words: you can’t always stay on top of the outcome. So, what’s the best way to ensure success? Entrepreneurs must have the right approach. You are your biggest asset. By developing the right mindset and investing time and effort in self-improvement, you’ll have much better chances of succeeding in the endeavors you undertake.

Making Choices

During the early stages of building a company, so many people get stuck in crippling indecision. They make the mistake of allowing the process of focusing on an idea or choosing an audience to paralyze them.

The ones who are making great progress in their niche also experience similar fears and hesitations. However, the difference lies in their decisiveness. They settle with a choice and move on.

It’s important to choose an audience and a business idea and then move on. Savvy entrepreneurs also understand that first they have to do one thing well so that they would be able to do many things well.

Starting small will allow your vision to grow as things develop. Of course, it is important to consider your options.

However, sooner rather than later, you must take decisive action. Instead of being anxious about not knowing what to do, successful entrepreneurs move forward to put their ideas to the test.

Tracking Progress

Procrastination is the bane of every entrepreneurial endeavor. It’s one of the biggest threats to entrepreneurs who are just starting out. When it comes to managing startups, most people do things that don’t help them make progress in any way.

Woman holding pencil and pink sticky note next to laptop and planner; image by Marten Bjork, via
Woman holding pencil and pink sticky note next to laptop and planner; image by Marten Bjork, via

It’s paramount to focus on activities that have a significant impact on the success of your business. By tracking your progress towards your goal on a weekly, or even daily, basis, you have better chances of avoiding the procrastination trap.

You can even find apps that will help you set priorities. Developing your own system is the best way to own your progress. It will help you track what you did or did not do during a set period.

Holding yourself accountable to yourself has many benefits. If you’re making excellent progress, the system will help you understand your achievements better and feel more fulfilled. In case you are not doing well, it will help you face the reality sooner rather than later.


The greatest business people don’t have an end game. For them, there is no such thing as “enough.” And that’s not in a greedy way.

Successful entrepreneurs spend very little money compared to what they earn. Instead, they invest a great portion of their profits into new ventures through various online investment companies and platforms, or they use the money to improve and develop another idea.

Instead of spending your earnings on frivolous things, try to use your profits to bring in more earnings. If you lack money, then invest your free time to increase your skills and knowledge base.

Being Members of a Pack

A mastermind group is comprised of four to eight creative members. The group assembles regularly. Members help each other reach their full potential.

Find like-minded individuals who use the same or similar platform as yourself and form a mastermind group together. Meet regularly to share feedback and learning experiences.

One of the best ways to ensure consistent progress in your business is by having a group of people who are in a similar situation. The public accountability from the mastermind groups can help make sure you own your progress.

It’s like having a gym buddy. When you have a gym buddy, you wouldn’t want to disappoint them by not going to your workout, would you?

The most successful entrepreneurs do not rely solely on themselves. They are members of a pack. Each member builds their business and keeps the group going.

Learning “Just in Time”

If you want to learn just out of fear of missing out, you have the wrong approach. Many entrepreneurs are afraid that if they haven’t listened to as many podcasts, read as many articles, or attended as many webinars, they’ll miss out on the one thing that will ensure their company’s success.

Successful entrepreneurs approach learning differently. They know that it takes more than the “just in time” approach to learn how to build a business. It’s important to take a “holistic” approach.

Try to understand the overall process of building a startup. Use the tools and resources to learn the skills that will get your startup to its next milestone. After that, move on to the next step and next skill.

Speaking to Customers

One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make is focusing all of their efforts on starting or growing their company. In the process, they neglect the customers. You must speak directly to current or potential clients and customers.

Your customers won’t tell you exactly how to grow your startup. But, they understand one thing very well: their problems. All entrepreneurs who have made it have one thing in common: they offer solutions for existing problems.

Dig deep. Ask questions. Engage with your customers every way you can. Once you know what they are struggling with, you’ll learn how to help them. They have the answer to unlocking your company’s potential.


It might appear that every successful businessperson has innate talents that have helped them make it big. While that might be true, that doesn’t mean you cannot develop the same traits that have led them to success. If you’ve been struggling with some aspects of running your business, maybe it’s time for a major paradigm shift.

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