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6 Tips for Hiring an Accident Lawyer After a Crash

— June 22, 2021

Legal matters are very overwhelming and confusing. Instead of messing up and then regretting it, hire a good lawyer with niche expertise.

A car accident can turn your life upside down. We never expect bad things, but catastrophe strikes when we don’t imagine it at all. This may be a minor to significant accident, but if your losses are enormous, you have the right to file a personal injury claim.

However, legal matters have no easy solutions. There are several twists from the occurrence of an accident till receiving the compensation, and the route is not easy and may require months of litigation. If you feel the accident occurred due to someone else’s negligence or intent, you must talk to a Santa Rosa car accident lawyer, if you live in the area, to estimate your legal scope. An attorney is a suitable person to help you and get you the reimbursement you deserve.

What to do next after an accident?

  1. Make the urgent calls

The very next thing that you should do is call a cop, your physician, and a lawyer if your injuries are not severe. If the damages are enormous, call a cop and seek medical help first and ask someone to talk to a lawyer on your behalf. Consultation with lawyers is often free, so you can speak to a handful of them in your area and choose the lawyer that best suits your interest and budget.

  1. Discuss the fees beforehand

Generally, lawyers don’t charge any consultation fees, but a few do. So, you need to find this at the start and then share your concern. Sometimes, a lawyer may take a share from the settlement as their fees.

  1. Request for a service contract

On discussing the fees after successful completion of your case, ask them for a written service contract. Ensure that you talk about the payment structure and mode of paying before you take the legal route. Keep a copy for your personal records.

  1. Share all documents with your lawyer

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Hiring a lawyer helps you focus on your life, treatment, and recovery. You don’t have to worry about your case and court dates. You need to share all the documents and records you have, including medical prescriptions, bills, and any images clicked at the accident spot, contact of the witness, and more. Every little or big piece of information will be helpful for your case.

  1. Expect a settlement

The other party may try to negotiate hard or pressure to speed up the process. But take no haste. Let your lawyer do the estimation about various expenses and the compensation that you deserve. An attorney knows how to manage negotiations, so let them deal with the other party’s lawyer or the insurer. 

  1. Be professional, cooperative, and do your part

The first rule is that you must not hide anything from your lawyer. Communicate everything and cooperate as the process continues. 

Wrapping up

Always stay alert of any unfortunate occurrence that may happen. If you have a familiar attorney, keep their business card in your wallet and contact them whenever required. If you don’t know anyone from the legal world, look for a reputed car accident lawyer in your locality. You may opt for a solo practitioner or a firm, choose that suits you.

Legal matters are very overwhelming and confusing. Instead of messing up and then regretting it, hire a good lawyer with niche expertise.

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