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7 Common Mistakes Personal Injury Clients Make

— August 8, 2023

Trying to save money by not hiring an attorney could cost you more.

When you’ve been injured by a negligent person, you need to be careful when you file your personal injury claim. Making common mistakes can be incredibly costly, resulting in the loss of your financial recovery.

Here are seven mistakes you should avoid making at all costs.

1. Not Calling the Police

Calling the police helps notify emergency medical services to respond and treat the injured parties and can provide evidence. The police will create a police report which can be used to determine who was to blame for the car crash.

2. Not Getting Immediate Medical Attention

Whether you were in a car accident or slipped and fell at a supermarket, getting medical attention proves your injuries were caused by the accident. Don’t shrug off treatment because you think you’re fine. You may have internal bleeding or a head injury, which can get worse following the initial injury.

3. Taking Too Long to File Your Claim

Florida’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims is two years, and while that sounds like plenty of time, it’s not. Evidence is always easier to get immediately following the accident. If you wait too long, key witnesses may have moved away or may not remember enough about what they saw.

4. Accepting the First Settlement You’re Offered

When you’re offered a quick settlement, you may be relieved. However, it will usually not have all your damages factored in beyond your medical bills or property damage. What about your lost wages, loss of earning capacity, mental anguish, and pain and suffering? You can also be compensated for those losses.

5. Providing a Recorded Statement

Speaking to your insurer is required, but you don’t have to speak to the insurer of the other party in an accident. It is best to have a lawyer speak to them for you rather than record a statement that they may try to use to reduce your payout.

6. Posting About It on Social Media

Woman's face surrounded by social media icons; image by geralt, via
Woman’s face surrounded by social media icons; image by geralt, via

According to personal injury attorney Matthew Sean Tucker, social media posts can hurt a plaintiff’s case. Never post about your accident or injuries on any social media site. In fact, it’s best if you refrain from talking about it with anyone except your attorney, who will keep the details confidential. Any post you make could be turned against you and cause you to lose some or all of your compensation.

7. Handling Your Personal Injury Case on Your Own

It’s certainly not required by law to have an attorney represent you in a personal injury case. However, it is often advised because a lawyer knows the laws inside and out. They know how to gather evidence, calculate your damages, and stand up to insurance companies. 

You could be hurting your case by representing yourself since attorneys can help recover more in compensation. Trying to save money by not hiring an attorney could cost you more. You can learn more about an attorney’s benefits by taking advantage of a free initial consultation.

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