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7 Powerful Outreach Tools to Use in 2021

— March 30, 2021

These tested outreach tools can change your business for the better in 2021 and give you the result you have always wanted. So, choose wisely and plan every move beforehand.

To everyone that finds outreach campaigns overwhelming, tiresome, and monotonous, they are not alone. Even though with good outreach comes good links, doing outreach is not a child’s play.

The process involves looking for prospects, composing pitches, sending and waiting on a reply, following up, and tracking the performance. This indeed is hard work and a lot of work to do for every single link. However, the good news is that one can streamline this task using blogger outreach.

Blogger outreach tools will dramatically change the way bloggers handle their outreach program by providing tools for such tasks as finding influencers, looking for relevant and popular blogs, sending and managing outreach campaigns, etc. There is also a tool that can find contact details, get authentic emails, and many more. This article will present seven different recommendations, and you will indeed find one that will fit your case. 

  1. BuzzSumo

If you want to track your content’s performance on social media and search engines, this is the tool you need. Besides, it is handy in generating blog post titles and can serve as a blogger outreach tool. In other words, it can show you top content performers in an industry.

When you get top content performers in the industry, you can get in touch with your link building or guest posting ideas. The main features of BuzzSumo are:

  • Getting top contents based on the total social shares available
  • Ability to get location-specific content through the filter by location feature
  • Users get to filter by brands and influencers 
  1. Tomoson

Tomoson is one of the top blogger outreach tools to consider for 2021. In addition to simply reaching out and communicating with your influencer, Tomoson stands out in that you get to access top influencers in almost all domains. For instance, on loading the website, you have to click find an influencer and limit your specific industry’s search like cannabis or travel. With the search, you will see various information and opportunities. 

On clicking each influencer, users have access to information like: 

  • Website visitors
  • Completion percentage
  • Entire reach

This tool stands out so that users get to access relevant information on the influencer, which can help them decide if their influence on your business will be positive or not. It is a good choice if you are low on budget, as reaching out to influencers is free. 

  1. SEMrush

This is a versatile marketing application built to offer various tools to users. Many people are aware of its domain and keyword function that gives users the ability to research themselves, compete, and perform massive keyword research. Many people, however, are not aware of its ability to manage outreach campaigns like sending emails, prospecting, and tracking response and performance. Users can get this at the SEO toolkit and the link-building tool specifically.

Here are specific features on SEMrush for outreach campaigns:

  • Link building tool that helps find a prospect send emails, and track your progress
  • Get the backlink details for any URL which will expose link building opportunities for keywords
  • Analyze the traffic and keywords for any domain. With this, you can project if a site will be beneficial for link building opportunities
  • For people on large scale content marketing, they can generate topics quickly for content outreach 

From the name, you should have a good idea of what this tool can do for you. On the other hand, the Connector Feature makes it worth it when it comes to blogger outreach. This is a tool that allows you to schedule and send customized emails via your Google account. Users have access to a series of features like templates, schedules, and tracking, which all work together to keep your outreach program on point.

The Notifier feature is another unique part of this tool. This feature helps search your post for mentions of other brands and contact them for a link-building opportunity. With this, you get to build a relationship that can create mutual benefits for the parties. 

  1. Mailshake

This is another blogger outreach tool with a sole focus on link buildings. With this tool, bloggers can create and send cold email campaigns via an automated process. The tool also allows users to track the recipients that opened, tracked, and responded to your mail. 

Some of the features are:

  • Send customized emails to a series of recipients at once. Users need to have a template and fill in the parameters provided by Mailshake.
  • Project and decide the best time to send emails and prepare follow-ups as well
  • Users can also prepare drip campaigns to schedule emails based on time and other actions.
  • Track labels and define them by replies. 
  1. Ninja Outreach

    Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels.
    Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels.

This is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms. It comes with some features with which users can filter and contact influencers. With keywords, it provides access to a massive database of influencers and essential information about them, like their contact info and their social media profile.

It has features with which you can manage and track your relationship with the influencers you have contacted. A couple of features available are:

  • Streamline your search to target Facebook influencers, Youtube influencers, etc.
  • Access to a series of outreach templates which saves you time from creating yours. Various templates help you match multiple stages of the process. 
  • Keep in touch with influencers using the Customer Relationship tools.
  1. Traackr

This is a tracking tool to reach out to your niche influencer and build strong relationships. Also, it allows you to measure the effect they have on your business. The idea behind Traackr is to focus on positive relationships that will likely influence your business and maximize every content. Knowledge of how social media influencers affect your business can help you create a better organization for your outreach.

With this tool, you can quickly get to know what works and what you don’t have to focus your time on anymore. It is recommended for starters who have no idea how to go about social media influencers. Other worthwhile features are:

  • Conversion tracking tool
  • Ability to filter options based on type and location


These tested outreach tools can change your business for the better in 2021 and give you the result you have always wanted. So, choose wisely and plan every move beforehand.

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