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7 Reasons to Consider Consulting a Car Accident Attorney for Your Injury Claim

— April 25, 2023

Insurance adjusters are employed to minimize claims, so you need a strong legal presence at your side to win the battle.

The United States racks up almost 40 million personal injury cases yearly, but only 50% of those claims are successful. Suffering is a subjective experience that’s hard to reduce to dollar amounts, and to make matters even more complicated; you need evidence to prove fault. Injuries aren’t always easy to diagnose or prove, so a professional perspective can help understand and navigate murky legal matters. 

Florida state legislation allows you to sue another person in civil court for damages if their recklessness or negligence caused your injuries in a vehicle accident, for instance, in Orlando. A car accident attorney will improve your odds of success in several important ways:

  1. They Know How to Identify Damages

Damages are the thrust of every personal injury lawsuit. In the legal space, these are the monetary awards you’ll receive to compensate for your suffering, and they apply to emotional, financial, and physiological injuries. For example, Orlando residents can contact Orlando, FL, car accident lawyers – they will know their way around this type of case, so they’ll take cognizance of the most diminutive forms of harm. They’ll explore lost wages, future medical expenses, and even mileage costs to doctors’ rooms. The more robustly your damages are defined, the higher the odds of a successful claim.  

  1. They Can Negotiate a Settlement

Lawsuits are expensive and time-consuming, so they aren’t always first prize. Many car accident attorneys use damages as a bargaining chip to negotiate a settlement—So much so that 96% of personal injury lawsuits are settled without trial. Settlements provide guaranteed compensation since there are no official losers or winners. They’ll save you the time and anxiety involved in a lawsuit while protecting your privacy. It takes skill to tempt a plaintiff to settle; few laymen can manage it.

Graphic depicting a handshake under a red car; image by Mohamed Hassan, via
Graphic depicting a handshake under a red car; image by Mohamed Hassan, via
  1. They Can Push Insurers to Act

Insurance companies are notorious for their delay tactics. They choose an approach to exhaust the plaintiff, making them more likely to accept a reduced settlement. A lawyer will understand the scope of your damages and the rights you have as a result.

The world of insurance is another veritable knot of complexity. Liability, health, and workers’ compensation insurance may all come into play. Insurance adjusters are employed to minimize claims, so you need a strong legal presence at your side to win the battle.

  1. They Often Defer Your Bill if You Lose

Tort claims can be highly profitable for lawyers who charge a contingency fee. This compensation is based on the amount you recover at the end of your case. If you don’t win, you don’t pay, so a lawsuit is a risk-free process that will leave your bank account intact.

  1. They Help You to Avoid Insurance Pressure

If you settle on a lawyer who uses a different fee structure, they’ll calculate the costs and potential gains of a lawsuit to ensure that your expected compensation is higher than your bills. They’ll also assess settlement offers to make sure you aren’t short-changed.

  1. You Deserve Compensation

Car accident injuries have wide-ranging effects. You might need to miss work and do extensive rehabilitation. You might develop post-traumatic stress disorder, which can reduce work productivity and strain relationships. Your medical bills could skyrocket unpredictably in the future, leaving you destitute and unable to work. At worst, you could even suffer from a permanent disability. A car accident attorney will ensure you receive the compensation you need and deserve.

  1. You Might Change the World

Not all personal injury plaintiffs pursue tort claims for compensation. Many seek punitive damages to hold businesses accountable for the harm they’ve caused. Personal injury lawsuits can and do motivate businesses to end negligent practices so that future customers don’t suffer the same consequences you did. Your personal injury case could change the world for the better.

In the Disco era, the famous Lilly Gray vs. Ford tort trial pushed the global automotive brand to adopt more responsible practices. At the time, their Pinto was bursting into flames in collisions, and Grey’s injury case inspired necessary change. The many tort claims the automotive industry has experienced since that lawsuit has played a vital role in the safety features of today’s cars. Today’s consumers take airbags, seatbelts, and antilock brakes for granted, and personal injury plaintiffs played a crucial role in those improvements.

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