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How a Bus Accident Injury Attorney Can Help You Receive Maximum Compensation

— April 25, 2023

Remember anything you say in the presence of insurance company representatives or the defendant’s lawyers can be used to lower or even deny you compensation.

Buses are an essential mode of transportation, with most cities and big towns operating several bus transport services. Workers and students use buses to access school and workstations and also use them on their way back home. Ideally, such an important means of transportation should be as safe as possible. However, bus accidents are frequent and leave enormous suffering and severe injuries. The law demands you get compensated if a negligent party is directly responsible for your injuries. Insurance companies often deny claims or undercompensate the victims by underplaying the injuries. That’s why you need the best bus accident attorney to maximize compensation.

The following section dives into how a bus accident attorney can increase the value of damages recoverable for personal injuries.

1. Access to Exemplary Evidence

You need solid evidence to maximize compensation which is hard to get with all the confusion after the accident. Crashes cause physical harm and mental anguish making it difficult for the victims to recall finer details or collect sound evidence. A lawyer can do all that work while you concentrate on injury recovery.

Sometimes the incriminating evidence is usually in the hands of the defendants. For example, you may need data from the bus driver’s recorder or video footage from dashboard cams. A seasoned bus accident lawyer can secure such data through a court order.

2. An Attorney Can Smooth Any Rough Edges in Your Claim

Proving fault in a bus accident lawsuit is an uphill climb with many speed bumps. If your claim is weak, the insurance company can use that opportunity to offer a lower settlement or dispute fault, lowering your chances of getting your damages settled.

A lawyer can find out the underlying reason behind liability denial. If the grounds for the dispute are tangible, he can look for means of bypassing the hurdle so that liability is apparent. This ensures the claim goes smoothly to the next step and eventually settlement.

3. An Attorney Ensures the Success of Out-of-Court Settlements

Did you know that only 4% to 5% of civil lawsuits which cover personal injury get to trial? This often happens when the plaintiff and defendant’s legal counsels disagree on an amicable settlement. If the success of your claim is still being determined when the matter goes to trial, you better diligently bargain during negotiations.

A season bus accident lawyer employs their legal expertise and experience to convince the insurance companies to pay you what you deserve. Negotiating and accepting an out-of-court settlement is always cheaper than battling it before a jury. Compensation is guaranteed when the two parties resolve the issue without court interference. Lack of experience negotiating with cunning insurance adjusters might work against you. This is where an experienced lawyer becomes a lethal weapon in your arsenal, championing your rights.

4. Attorneys Handle Communication With Insurance Companies

Communication sounds simple. After all, talking is just that and nothing more. However, remember anything you say in the presence of insurance company representatives or the defendant’s lawyers can be used to lower or even deny you compensation.

Image by espartgraphic, via
Image by espartgraphic, via

Your lawyer will handle all the communications on your behalf, keeping you from being caught off guard and sabotaging your claim. He can even request the defense attorneys to stop harassing his client.

Anything you say regarding the bus accident should be based on verbal and written statements prepared by your attorney.

5. No Legal Bills

Most people who need the services of a lawyer after a bus accident cannot afford to pay legal fees upfront or gather all the necessary resources to make a claim successful. This is because of the severe injuries and the unbearable healthcare cost burden. Fortunately, experienced bus accident attorneys work on a contingency fee.

A contingency fee means you will only pay the attorney when the claim is successful. Legal fees are awarded on top of compensatory damages, which means you will receive your whole amount without any deductions. Please note that pursuing damages from private entities is much simpler. On the other hand, seeking compensation after accidents caused by government buses is more complex and frustrating.

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