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7 Twitter Tips for Genuine Law Firm Internet Marketing

— October 24, 2019

Managing a law firm’s Twitter account needn’t be difficult or an arduous task.

Before Twitter was a household name, marketing law firms was far more difficult with people only calling you if they needed you. Now with the ability to microblog, Twitter can help you promote your law firm. Privacy issues may well be at the forefront of your mind, but as long as you are not divulging sensitive information, there is no reason why you can’t build your brand and expand your firm’s reach by utilising this resource. Follow our seven Twitter steps for genuine law firm internet marketing to help you make a start!

Research Other Lawyers

There are no shortage of lawyers and law firms on Twitter, once you’ve signed up, start looking at what other professionals in your field are tweeting about! You’ll find this really insightful and it will also help you consider what type of content you put out. Some law firms advertise their services, others will explain to their readers what their daily life is like and what their case loads are.

Get Your Staff Onboard

Man sitting at desk with keyboard, mouse, and monitor, while using Twitter on a smartphone; image by Charles, via
Man sitting at desk with keyboard, mouse, and monitor, while using Twitter on a smartphone; image by Charles, via

People are fascinated by lawyers. We’ve all seen Suits and Law and Order, people want to know what the daily goings on in a law firm are and if it really is as glamourous as the TV shows make out. Get your expert team involved and set up their own professional accounts. You can use their feed as a Q&A board (within reason) and get them to engage with followers who may be seeking legal advice or just want to know how you operate. Either way it is a great spring board into a new and untapped audience that may want you to deal with their legal issues later on down the line. Your staff should represent your brand but also make your organisation look human, you don’t want to be a faceless corporation that only tweets pictures of their office.

Retweet the Good Stuff

When you first get onto Twitter, you’re going to be shocked at how large and diverse the Twitter-sphere is. Make sure you start following similar organisations straight away as well as news outlets and famous industry faces. This way you begin filling up your feed with stories that you can retweet. The more you retweet, the more you expose your feed. However, you want to make sure you are retweeting stories, pictures or tweets that are relative to you and that reflect your brand. We cannot stress how important this is; you need to retweet items that you feel are an accurate representation of you. If you don’t and potential clients realise that you don’t have an intrinsic interest in a particular sector, you will lose their trust.

Don’t Link Your Twitter to Your Other Social Media Platforms

Twitter is a law unto itself in some respects. If you were to post hourly updates on Facebook, the chances are you would be getting blocked and the same principle applies to Linkedin. Post often, retweet items that are of interest, and engage with your followers. There are very few rules governing interaction on Twitter and socially acceptable levels, so dig in and show your followers that you are active users. Need help with building engagement? Twesocial is great for this purpose.

Be Authentic and Keep to Your Values

If you are using Twitter to market your firm, be authentic. Tell your followers what you do, how you do it, retweet, and engage. People are more likely to approach real people, especially when they are in need of advice. Make sure your Twitter feed looks as though it is run by real people as opposed to AI. 

Build Your Brand Around Your Content

Content is key on Twitter, it is what will set you apart from other law firms. You need to tell a story about your brand and how you operate and you can do that with your content. Think outside the box here. You can promote your feed as a safe space to ask questions, show people what working in a law firm is like, and even discuss ongoing cases if you feel they are interesting and if you are careful about sensitive information. You can even make your content appeal to law students by offering Q&A sessions on a monthly basis. Consider how you want people to see your law firm and build your content around it! 

Know Your Target Market!

There is little point in having a target market if you don’t approach them on Twitter. Have a look at how your direct competitors engage with their target market and emulate this. It would be a waste of time having your demographic set at males between the ages of 34 to 47, living in California if you are only following and engaging with females between the ages of 42 to 50 living in Canada. Know your market and then work on how to approach and engage with them. Always keep in your mind that people buy from people they like!

Final Thoughts

Managing a law firm’s Twitter account needn’t be difficult or an arduous task. As long as you are aware of how you want to promote your brand, share your values, and you know what your target market wants to see, there is no reason why you can’t start building your Twitter following straight away. Follow our seven simple steps for genuine law firm marketing and you’ll be making a stake on the platform straight away! 

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