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7 Useful Tips on How to Sell Your Car Quickly and Profitably

— December 10, 2020

If the car is stored in the garage and/or has not come across road reagents, be sure to mention it.

There are a lot of factors that can make you think about selling your car. For example, you may need a bigger vehicle when your family grows constantly or you may simply get sick and tired of your old car. 

Indeed, it may be quite difficult to sell your junk car for cash if it is completely destroyed. But if your vehicle is on the run and has an acceptable condition, you can try to sell it on your own. In this article, we have gathered seven useful tips on how to sell your car quickly and profitably.

1. Consider seasonality

It is important to post your ad at the right time of year. People most often buy cars in spring or autumn when they are preparing for vacations or are trying to make a deal before the new year. But you should know that in the fall, prices are lower than in the spring. It is not worth starting to sell your car in summer because most people are resting and they are not ready to make serious purchases.

2. Prepare your car before selling

After you have decided on the time of year, you need to start preparing the car for a sale. There is no need to repair everything. Even a small investment can be enough to make a car look much better. You certainly should replace burned-out light bulbs, rubber bands with wipers, broken headlights, and old shock absorbers.

If there are serious malfunctions that interfere or limit the operation of the car, it is also better to improve them. You can also get rid of chips and scratches, but try not to overdo since the buyer can think that you are hiding the consequences of the accident. Wash the body of the car, interior, and trunk. There is no need to wash under the hood because this may raise suspicions that something is leaking there. 

3. Visit a car service

If you want to know everything about the condition of your car, you need to visit a car service. It can help get rid of buyers who will try to lower the car price as much as possible and come up with non-existent problems. Additionally, you will be able to tell a real buyer about all the important nuances. 

4. Set the right price

Study the market, match the information with your expectations, and (if you have time) make the final price 3-5% higher. If you are in a hurry, don’t promise a discount over the phone and do it only in person. Otherwise, the buyer will think that you want to get rid of the car as soon as possible.

If you need to sell your car as quickly as possible, set the price below the market price by 5-10%. In this case, you can get a normal amount of money in a short period of time. However, the main thing is not to overdo it when setting a price. An extremely low car price can raise doubts about the quality of the vehicle.

5. Take good pictures of your car

Try to make your photos as high quality as possible. An expensive camera is not necessary for good pictures. You can use your smartphone, but make sure that the photos are not cropped and blurred. You should also understand that your car shouldn’t be invisible due to dusk or extremely bright sunshine.

Officers Pull Vehicle Over, Find Child Behind the Wheel
Photo by Aral Tasher on Unsplash

6. Write an ad

Read other people’s ads and choose what ads you like. In general, the text should be short and precise:

  • What was repaired
  • The pros and cons
  • The features of the configuration
  • What you give as a gift

If the car is stored in the garage and/or has not come across road reagents, be sure to mention it. It will be a plus if there are no errors in the text.

7. Place an ad 

To make a good ad, you need to take a picture of your car because ads without photos don’t grab attention. You can also upload photos of specific elements like seat upholstery in perfect condition or specific rims and tires. Then you can post information about the car on all the special sites you know. The more sites are involved, the higher the chance to find a buyer.

Also, don’t forget about classic ad placement options like the local newspaper, the bulletin board, and the glass of your car. Another option is to write on the forum for the owners of a particular brand/model. You can also use social networks and publish the post on your page (ask your friends to share it).

The bottom line

If you will follow the aforementioned tips, it will not be extremely difficult to sell your car. However, you should always consider the age, model, and condition of your car. If it is quite old, you should understand that no one will pay you the same amount of money as you could get for the same car that is much “younger”. That’s why the car price should be set adequately and in line with other similar vehicles. 

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