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8 Things to Do to Recover From Stress

— June 15, 2021

If you are in a negative frame of mind, this isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Laughter really is the best medicine, though.

In the modern age, many people are pretty terrible at managing stress. What’s worse is, many of us have high-stress jobs in which we barely pause for any sort of rest. The modern, frantic pace of life in the west contributes to the stresses we all experience.

Whether you have recently experienced a stressful spell at work, private and personal events, or you need to recover from a feeling of being overwhelmed, there are things you can do. In this guide, we’ve listed eight of the best things to do to recover from feelings of stress.

Slow things down

Pace of life is one of the things that causes most of us to feel very stressed. If you’re constantly trying to do about 15 things at once, or you are in a job where demands are constantly placed upon you, then it is time to slow things down. What does this mean?

You need to make sure you are getting plenty of rest. You should take a long bath, spend time doing things that make you feel relaxed, and get out of your work or stress mindset. This can mean taking long walks or going running. Exercise can release dopamines which help to tackle stressful feelings.

Take a vacation

We all know that when we start to feel stressed, we dream of being on a beach or taking time off. Burnout is a very real issue, and it is important that you take yourself out of your work or stressful home environment and break the cycle. A vacation can be one of the best ways of doing so. It doesn’t matter where you go, though sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder might find that a sunny location is best.

Get a good sleep 

Sleep is incredibly important. A lack of sleep can cause hypertension, feelings of stress, and reduce your ability to cope when faced with difficult situations.

There are certain things you can try for having a good sleep time. For example, avoid screen time. This must be a bit difficult, since we all like our phones and laptops, but it is a fact that spending much time with the phone before sleep can cause difficulties in getting a restful sleep. Try not to eat heavy meals before going to sleep, avoid caffeine. Follow the routine, watch TV at least one hour before bed, listen to music, take a shower. Try to relax.

There’s a vicious cycle here. Often, if you’re feeling stressed it can be hard to sleep, which is why you can use natural home remedies to relax before going to bed. Many people turn to CBD (cannabidiol). CBD oil interacts with your endocannabinoid system, which helps your body maintain a state of balance and stability. This can help you to relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep, with no feeling of being “high”. 

Yoga and inner peace

Many people turn to yoga for both physical and mental health benefits. It can trigger a relaxing response, and can also help the nervous system with a variety of ailments that go along with stress.

Some people find that yoga helps with anxiety, panic, and a variety of other conditions. It can also be very good exercise which everyone knows is good for mind and body. 

Spend time with family and friends

Friends and family are vital to your mental health. Studies have shown that those who report spending time with their friends and family when things get stressful have lower blood pressure. The feelings of stress that we all experience are much easier to deal with when we have others by our side. Maslow, in his seminal study, showed that people need to have a sense of belonging, and to build relationships with others.

Of course, we all have some of those friends and family that might make things a little more stressful, but it is important that you establish those you can rely on and who you can talk to as well as distract yourself from stress.

Learn to say no

One of the main reasons why people are stressed is that work can become overwhelming. Not just work, but social interactions and responsibilities. This all builds up and causes feelings of stress.

It can be really hard to say “no” when your employers demand more. It can be a slippery slope, and you might find yourself with far more work than you can possibly handle. It’s important that you find a way to tell people when it is getting too much. If you have a reasonable boss, it is likely they will want to make your life easier.


Man laughing; image by Brian Lundquist, via
Man laughing; image by Brian Lundquist, via

If you are in a negative frame of mind, this isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Laughter really is the best medicine, though.

Laughing can release antibodies and immune cells, and of course it can release endorphins, which feels great and combats stress. It’s important to find the time to laugh. This may mean going to a comedy show, or watching your favorite funny movie when times are starting to feel a bit tough. This can be another benefit of spending time with others, as you are much more likely to laugh in the company of friends, especially those with a reputation for being funny.

Cuddle and listen to music

To some people, this sort of advice might sound a little bit corny. It’s important that you understand that it is actually based in science.

Cuddling increases your levels of oxytocin, which has been scientifically shown to relieve stress and even reduce your blood pressure, this can reduce your risk of certain conditions like heart disease. It’s even been shown that human touch can restore your white blood cells and help your immune system.

Incredible studies show that some music can help with your feelings of stress and anxiety. This song is recommended, and can even help reduce your stressful feelings by around 65%. Whatever music you like can be helpful for your own mental state, and to recover from feelings of stress. Music is a powerful tool.

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