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Accident Lawyers Handle a Lot More Than Car Crashes

— April 27, 2022

Before meeting with the insurance people, you need to sit down with your lawyer.

Accidents happen is a phrase we like to say to explain or find an excuse for something bad happening. When an accident happens to you, you don’t need explanations, nor excuses, you need justice. If you’ve been injured, you’ll be in no position to fight for your rights, you’ll need the best accident lawyers you can find. 

When you’re injured in a car accident, a slip and fall or through medical malpractice, you’ll need money to cover your medical expenses and your lost wages, but first you’ll have to build a strong case against those responsible. 

According to the dictionary, an accident is ‘an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury’. In legal practice you’ll need to prove that, although unintentional, that accident was caused by someone’s negligence.

A car crash, for instance, may be caused by a distracted driver. Maybe the driver that crashed into you was yelling at his children to behave themselves. That’s understandable, but it’s still an act of negligence if they took their eyes off the road. The same goes for a property owner that fails to warn their customers that the stairs are slippery. If someone falls down those stairs and breaks a leg, the owner should be held accountable for failing to do their duty. Or, if your grandma is left unattended in her nursing home and slips and falls in the bathroom, you can sue them for negligence.

In South Carolina, for instance, there are over 140,000 car accidents on average each year. This means thousands of people injured or killed. If you or a loved one were involved in a crash recently, you need to reach out to experienced South Carolina accident lawyers. You’ll want to talk to an experienced attorney before filing a claim with your insurance, because you need to know what to expect. You need to expect them to fight you for every penny and try to reduce your settlement as much as possible. They can throw all sorts of legal terms at you, and you won’t know what to make of them. Skilled Greenville accident lawyers will. An attorney who’s been in this business for many years knows every trick in the book and can easily counter all your insurance adjuster’s arguments. 

Before meeting with the insurance people, you need to sit down with your lawyer and let them explain what sort of damages you’re entitled to. In South Carolina, you can get both economic and non-economic damages.

Calculator, pen, and budget worksheet; image by Pixabay, via
Calculator, pen, and budget worksheet; image by Pixabay, via

Economic damages are easier to calculate as they include medical expenses of any kind, including medications and physical therapy. Also, if you’re left with a permanent disability and your future care requires things like installing ramps and ordering a special bed, that’s also included in economic damages. At the same time you’ll need to be compensated for lost wages and loss of future income if you won’t be able to work anymore.

Non-economic damages refer to compensation for your pain and suffering, or the loss of enjoyment of your lifestyle if you’re left with significant disfigurement or disability. 

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