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Getting Divorced but Still Live Together? Here are Some Tips

— April 27, 2022

Financial issues are one of the driving factors behind many divorces.

Sometimes couples going through a divorce still have to reside in the same residence for a while. A couple may be waiting for their house to sell before they can part ways, or perhaps they’re waiting for their finances to settle before one can move out to a new home. No matter the circumstances, it’s important to acknowledge that this happens, and there are tips and resources available to help families through this time. For starters, Florida is home to many family law attorneys, from Tallahassee to Miami, who specialize in helping parents through divorce.

When parents live together during a divorce, there are a handful of ground rules both should adhere to to avoid tension and hostility.

Divide Responsibilities and Be Civil

Even though parents may be in the middle of a divorce, if they’re still living together it is important to divide household responsibilities until they part wars. This means allocating chores in a fair manner, hashing out sleep arrangements, and working together to respect each other and their space. This is especially important if children are involved because tension and conflict could end up putting children in the middle, which could make them feel uncomfortable.

Parenting Schedule

On the topic of kids, parenting schedules are important, especially if the parents still reside in the same home. Parenting schedules detail out when parents are ‘on-duty’ with the kids. With babies and small children, this could include a schedule for feedings, bath time, and daycare, and school drop-offs and pick-ups. This will also help children adjust to the changing dynamics of the family and may make it easier to transition between households once one parent moves out.

Prioritize the Budget

Table with laptop, plant, pen, notepads, and a sign reading “Finance: Funding, Saving, Benefit.” Image by Rawpixel, via
Table with laptop, plant, pen, notepads, and a sign reading “Finance: Funding, Saving, Benefit.” Image by Rawpixel, via

Financial issues are one of the driving factors behind many divorces. However, parents who continue to live together during a divorce must negotiate on a household budget so bills get paid on time. If both parents work and earn an income, perhaps the expenses can be divided equally. This may not work if one parent makes significantly more than the other, which is when negotiating a budget would be necessary. No matter the circumstances, having a realistic budget in place until one parent moves out will help ensure the smooth operation of the household.

Respect Each Other

Respect is important and will help make the divorce process less chaotic and tense. For parents who still live with each other, this means respecting boundaries and privacy. Now may not be the best time for one of the parents to bring a date home. Doing so could cause tension, frustration, and could confuse the children. Additionally, parents should avoid becoming friends with benefits. Not only will this stir up some confusing emotions for everyone involved, but it could make the permanent separation more devastating.

Every family is different, and no two divorces are the same. For parents still living together during the divorce process, it is important to be respectful and civil and keep the best interests of the children in mind. If needed, family law attorneys in Florida are standing by to help families navigate the divorce process and offer resources, tips, and guidance on how to get through a difficult situation.

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