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Action Refund Reviews – 2021

— March 25, 2021

All you need to do is to provide all the documents to Action Refund employees and let them work for you. Getting your funds back cannot be simpler.

Since the pandemic of Covid-19 started, it feels that we are living our lives online. Online work, online schooling, online shopping, online food delivery. But what happens when we’re exposed to the online world too much? When we give all our personal details, such as name, email, and banking details? Where is it all stored? How can we make sure that everything is safe? And, what happens when we find out that our data was misused and our money is gone?

When something like this happens, it’s best to ask for help from someone experienced and trustworthy. One of the companies helping people in such situations is Action Refund.

Who is Action Refund? What is this company doing? How do they operate? From where? What is the company’s interest? We decided to answer this and many more questions in our updated Action Refund reviews.

Who is Action Refund?

Action Refund is an Israeli-based company that is helping victims of online fraud. They are specialized for clients that lost money due to scams on the financial market – in binary options, Forex trading, CFDs, and cryptocurrency trading.

Lately, people are investing more and more in the financial market. The situation with Covid-19 forced people to look for additional sources of income. One of the favorite sources is trading, especially with Bitcoin. Many people say that the price of Bitcoin reached an all-time high, which result in many people wanting to participate. This would be fine if there weren’t many fake brokers out there waiting for victims.

This is how we come to Action Refund. After you get involved with one of these scam brokers, the unfortunate outcome is money loss. In order for you to get your money back, Action Refund is there to assist. The company is guiding the process from its very beginning–free consultation, till the fund recovery.

Based on our Action Refund reviews, the company is very professional in this process–helping people to react fast and get all their funds back.

How it all starts?

Here is the main scenario:

You see some ads on Facebook, Google, etc. In this ad, you see a guy that looks the same as you and has the same problems as you. Job loss, salary shortage, forced to look for another source of income to feed his family. Then, all of a sudden, this guy discovers online trading and becomes a millionaire. You think to yourself that it sounds amazing. Maybe you don’t want to be a millionaire, but you definitely don’t want just to survive anymore, you want to live. 

And, it is legit, you read the news, you know that the market is really profitable after the Covid-19 boom, so you decide to register. After this comes the phone call–a lovely guy or a girl saying they want to welcome you to the trading family and support you every step of the way. By that, they mean every step of the way that you pay for. Because the moment you stop paying, this person loses its interest to talk to you further. 

Then, the alert starts. You cannot reach anyone, most likely you cannot log in to your account, and if you can, you cannot withdraw your funds. There is always a reason. You have trades opened, you need approval from some other department, you didn’t submit documents, you don’t have enough funds for the margin. Excuses are endless. But all you want is your money. You keep trying until you get tired and understand you will never get this money. 

Eventually, you become desperate enough to ask just for your deposit back. You will let them keep the profit if only you can get what you paid. But even that doesn’t happen. Then, you realize you’ve been scammed. What now?

Now Action Refund

Once you understand that your broker will never give you a penny back, you need to act! You need to file a dispute, and you need to request a chargeback. You need to get your money back! 

Maybe you think you can do it yourself or your bank will help. But, in reality, only 7% of people get money back with the bank’s help. Many people simply give up because the process is complicated. 

In reality, the process is simple if you have experts by your side. Our Action Refund review showed that this company was made out of experts. Their knowledge goes beyond just finance. They provide expert lawyers, financial advisers, and an exceptional support team. All you need to do is to make your first step and contact them. Everything else will go smoothly from there.

How does it work?

We asked our contact at Action Refund to walk us through every step of the way. From the moment the client gets in touch with them, till the end of the process, we wanted to understand exactly what happens. How much effort an average person needs to put in order to be successful with Action Refund? This is the answer.

Claim Review

In order for the company to understand your issue, and evaluate the chances of success, first thing is to review your claim. You need to bring all the evidence that proves that the scam happened and that you are the victim. 

After that, the company employee will tell you what are your chances to win the case and what are the next steps. This is a crucial part because if you do not have sufficient evidence to win, you need to step back and find everything that you have from the scam broker.

Collecting necessary documents

After Action Refund found your claim reasonable, the next step is collecting documents. They will help you investigate scam brokers, and you need to provide them with all the documents you have–emails, bank statements, WhatsApp messages, everything that you ever had on this broker. 

The company will provide you with investigators, if necessary, to dig deep about this broker, where he might be, and who the owners are so they can help you further with your claim. Also, they will track down the merchant of the transaction so they can ask for your funds back.

Approach companies together

After all the evidence is collected, your claim can be filed. This is the hardest part. If possible, you need to communicate with the broker, with the merchant, and with your bank. And, you need to prove that you were a victim of a scam and you need to be refunded. This is where Action Refund employees’ expertise comes. 

Their connections in the world of finance and their experience with all kinds of scam is priceless. They will represent you in front of all these companies and request back what is rightfully yours.

Claim your money back

Woman holding money in front of her face; image by Sharon McCutcheon, via
Woman holding money in front of her face; image by Sharon McCutcheon, via

After you approach all the companies, the last step is to be refunded. After you submit your files and prove what happened, you need to get the funds back. Action Refund employees will go above and beyond to make this happen. They will be with you every step of the way, provide you with an expert lawyer and help you fight and win your case!

The conclusion is this–all you need to do is to provide all the documents to Action Refund employees and let them work for you. Getting your funds back cannot be simpler.

Action Refund – reviews by customers 

After we went through Action Refund procedures, we decided to check if the company is really successful. And, there is no better way than looking for their customers. We were able to track down some of them and all we heard was “Action Refund is definitely worth it!” Customers are satisfied with the support they got throughout the process, with the service, and with the result. 

As we noticed on the Action Refunds website, the company has over 260,000$ refunded and over 1000 satisfied customers. And we believe it! Smile on their clients’ faces when they talk about Action Refund is the best proof of the company’s excellent work. Search it yourself, this company is undoubtedly a leader in its field!

Conclusion about Action Refund

If you find yourself in a situation that you got scammed and you don’t see a solution, look for Action Refund! This company has results behind them and can help you no matter what type of scam you were involved in. 

Employees at Action Refund showed us nothing but a kind approach, professional opinion, and smart solutions. Talking to them made us feel like speaking to Wall Street experts. And they are Wolves of Refunds! They fight for the success of all disputes like it’s their own money.

Moreover, after you had a bad experience, it’s very hard to trust someone again. Even if this someone wants to help you get your funds back. Employees at Action Refund showed a high level of understanding of such a situation. They offer free consultations and they give an honest opinion about the success of the dispute. 

Also, they don’t waste your or their time on a case that has no potential. This gives a certain level of trust because you see that the company is not all about the money, it is all about their clients. The reputation this company has is perfect and, every day, employees at Action Refund do their best to keep it that way. 

If after reading our Action Refund review you are still not convinced that this is the place for you, we strongly advise you to contact their support team, book your free consultation, and see it for yourself. We can guarantee you will be amazed by the company’s expertise.

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