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Advice From Professionals: How to Manage Your Office Rentals

— December 19, 2022

If your property is older, it may be time to have a plumber replace water valves and sink faucets.

Rental property is frequently referred to as passive income, however, it’s not the kind of business where you can expect the income to just flow. There are several responsibilities involved in turning your rental property into a profitable business, once you’ve found one to buy. 

To manage your rental property on your own, you must have management skills in a number of areas, including as tenants, the actual property, and finances. 

Therefore, understanding the three basic areas of a rental property that must be managed is the key to being a good landlord. A landlord’s responsibilities are divided into three main categories: 

  • Tenant management 
  • Property administration 
  • Income management.

If you are looking for ways to make your office rental management process easier stay with us as we go through five tips from professionals to help you do your best!

Manage the Tenants and Respond to their Needs

Managing tenants necessarily requires some interpersonal skills, particularly when dealing with tenant complaints. Understanding the most common complaints and how to be proactive in resolving them will increase your tenant retention rates. 

Following up with a tenant after you’ve resolved a problem, whether it’s a maintenance issue or a pest infestation, demonstrates that you care about their comfort and well-being.

Even if the complaint comes out of nowhere, being considerate and trying to respond in a timely manner increases the likelihood of successfully handling the complaint. 

Take the Property Maintenance Seriously 

As a landlord, you have a legal obligation to keep your office property safe and homely. Equally important is the fact that if maintenance is a problem, you may have difficulty finding and retaining good tenants. 

In addition, regular property maintenance is far more cost-effective than dealing with problems only when they arise. Dealing with larger maintenance issues, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars and may not be covered by insurance, is one of the risks of being a landlord. 

Certain types of maintenance must be closely monitored to avoid an emergency situation.

According to professionals in the field, the supply hoses and drain lines will be replaced every few years.

If your property is older, it may be time to have a plumber replace water valves and sink faucets. This type of maintenance can help reduce the risk of water damage in the future.

Get the Help of a Professional 

When owning a rental office property, you probably don’t want to spend much of your time managing the property or simply you don’t have the time to be on call for emergencies around the clock. 

In such cases, working with professionals will make everything easier. Today’s property managers offer different services. Property managers in Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, and Portland offer the latest services that’ll make the entire process easier. In addition, working with property managers in Austin provides management services that emphasize the needs of the customer. 

A capable property manager can handle the majority of management duties, such as finding the perfect tenants, collecting rent, and handling repairs turning your rental into a real passive investment. 

In addition, they typically have connections in the industry and can help you save money on vendors because those businesses will want to continue doing business with the property manager.

Manage the Finances

Calculator and accounting document; image by 777546, via
Calculator and accounting document; image by 777546, via

Real estate investors buy rental property to make money, ideally every month. Another main landlord’s responsibility is to manage the finances by keeping a record of every penny received and spent. 

Rent, late fees, and security deposits must be recorded accurately and credited to the appropriate line item on the chart of accounts. The same is true for landlord-paid operating expenses such as repairs and maintenance, insurance, property taxes, and utilities.  

Advertise Properly

Now that everything is in place and your building looks great from every angle, as well as having undergone all of the necessary safety checks and maintenance, you can begin looking for the ideal tenants. 

To accomplish this, you must publicize the fact that your property is available for rent. In the best possible way. Start by getting a professional camera to capture sweeping shots of your property that make it appear irresistible. 

Once you’ve completed the visuals, you’ll need to write excellent descriptions of your property. Assume you are the reader, and then describe the features of your property so that the reader understands it is ideal for them. And finally, post your rental listing on the internet and you’re good to go!

Final Thoughts

Managing a rental office property is a difficult and challenging task. However, if done correctly, it can become simple and rewarding, even resulting in a career! We always recommend keeping your property in the best condition possible, managing the finances, and advertising properly in order to attract high-quality tenants. 

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