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When most people visit Halloween haunted attractions to celebrate the holiday, they’re expected a few quick scares and a fun time. Few think anything bad might actually happen to them. Unfortunately for one couple who visited Akron Fright Fest, their night of fun took an alarming turn when they were allegedly “assaulted and subjected to a ‘mock rape’ scene” at the attraction. As a result, the couple, Ryan Carr and Sarah Lelonek, have decided to file a civil suit against the employees and owners of the Halloween attraction.

According to the suit, which was filed in the Summit County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday, Carr and Lelonek charged the employees and owners of the haunted attraction with “assault and negligence employee handlings.” The defendants in the suit specifically include “managing partner Jeremy Caudill and eight other owners, employees, and agents of Akron Fright Fest.” But what happened, exactly?

Image of a Haunted House Illustration
Haunted House Illustration; image courtesy of Elliekha via Pixabay,

For starters, the suit states:

“Mr. Carr was subjected to simulated rape, and both he and Ms. Lelonek were roughly grabbed, pushed, and shoved with such force that they suffered physical injuries.”

The incident occurred October 13 and other allegations include the following, according to the suit:

  • “… an employee (hereafter “John Doe No. 1”) ordered Ms. Lelonek to “get on all fours.”’
  • “John Doe No. 1 shoved her into a plywood wall, with enough force to cause the plywood to shake. He again told her to get on all fours.”
  • “Mr. Carr got stuck at a dead end. An employee stated to him, “You can get through if you lick my nipples.”’
  • “An employee told Ms. Lelonek that she could hold one of the rats if she “lick[ed] its butthole.”’
  • “John Doe No. 3, who was standing over Mr. Carr on the plywood bed, began thrusting against Mr. Carr’s body.”

In response to the couple’s allegations, Caudill said he was “shocked and appalled” after learning what happened and even “fired several employees who were involved in the incident.” However, it’s important to note that the haunted attraction “required a waiver to enter,” but Carr and Lelonek claim they never signed one.

Prior to the civil suit being filed, Melanie Lake Inc., the attraction’s operating company, issued a statement saying it was closing the Akron Fright Fest due to “current circumstances and family matters.” However, since the civil suit was filed, the Springfield Township Police Department has launched a criminal investigation into the matter. Results of the investigation have not yet been released.


Couple files lawsuit against owners, employees of Akron Fright Fest

Couple file lawsuit against Akron Fright Fest owner, employees

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